Pewter Miniatures and Good Paint for Miniatures

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    Ok so I found one thread on here from 2011 about miniatures, but it was more of a "hey who else likes miniatures" thread. Anyway, as the title suggests, I was wondering if any of your fine individuals know of companies that make quality pewter miniatures (my home is too hazardous for plastic, having 3 playful cats and all), and what paint you guys use? I use super cheap acrylic paint and clear it so that the paint doesn't peel off when I grab them, but it's not fun making sure everything goes smoothly. Naturally, being an off-topic thread, its possible no one will have any insight, I'm just trying to avoid going to another forum.
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    Do you have any miniatures that look like your avatar? Can you share some examples of your work?
    I don't have the patience to be good at this, but I wish I did. I think my hands are too big also.

  3. Maybe T-Bird could respond to this thread. T-Bird has posted in the past some photos of model railroad that look so real. Fantastic work.
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    The trick is to clean them chemically first, it removes mold release and casting residue along with finger oil left behind. At the minimum some 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and a soft toothbrush should work, wear latex gloves to prevent redepositing finger oil. A metal friendly primer is your next step, check the hardware store for a rattle can. Again, wear gloves and if possible attach the figures to a base so you can shoot paint from several angles. Your acrylics should bond to the painted surface better, overspray your finished work with a clear, dull fixative like Testors Dullcote.
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    Jan 15, 2014
    Central Indiana
    I do not. It would be sweet if I did, but Moon Knight isn't a very common superhero, so I doubt I'd be able to find an unpainted figure of him.

    I don't know why I didn't think of wearing gloves. I have some, so I feel like that should've crossed my mind. I've always cleared my figures, since I use some of them for an RPG group. I'll have to look into a primer that works well and chemically cleaning them.

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