PF500 + 115HE situation. 12 o clock gain, 12 o clock volumen, passive bass, farts

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  1. DnnysDVHEAD

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    Jun 14, 2017
    Hey guys this is my first post, I have seen some about the Pf500 and 115he matching cabinet.
    I would like to hear feedback, I am guitar player, producer, I have a private music studio bussiness thing in Lima, Peru. this is my first bass amp + cabinet.
    I am sharing a pic of my settings, i am using squier bass 4 string.
    This ting farts and Im not even pushing it that hard in my opinion.
    Is this normal? I have a guarantee for a year so they can check it out at the store.

    This are the settings. I may be my bass, i will get a diferent bass tomorrow to see if I have the same issue. Anyways thanks guys. I have got a lot of info from this and since i will be buying more gear for my studio I plan to cooperate more.
    I have read the other post and I do not plan on buying a second cabinet until march from next year so thats not an option right but would aprecciate some advice on that part too.
    Cheers from lima. 19238586_10155399594343048_888236278_o.jpg
  2. Ox Boris

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    Nov 23, 2015
    I thought maybe you'd mistaken the distortion you can get from these for a fault, but it's hard to see why it's malfuntioning with the gain so low. I use the exact same rig and have the gain usually between 2 and 3 O'clock (with the volume not getting above halfway).
    If it's squawking in protest with your settings it might be a fault. What do you do on the actual Bass? Are you of the school that just turns everything all the way up? I tried that on my StingRay and it was terrible. No amount of amp EQing could fix it.
    This video may help -
  3. pfschim

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    Apr 26, 2006
    SF Bay Area
    yeah, I have the same PF500/115HE set-up in a rehearsal studio and there is no way these amp settings should produce over excursion/distortion/farting
    I notice you have the FX mix level control dimed .. is there a reason for that ? do you have a pedal inserted into the FX loop ?
    Not saying that it should cause the rig to fart out, but still .. you never know.

    Another thing to check is whether the cab top seal is good. I have known these cabs to make odd noises when the seal was bad/leaking.
    Is it possible there is something touching the speaker cone paper ? . either inside or outside ? I seem to recall another TB member had the speaker lead wires actually touching/rubbing on the speaker surround and it caused a farting/distortion/buzzing type sound.
    I have had issues with the screws on the cab rattling/vibrating which causes me tighten them all up every now and then.

    On the bass side of things, do you know for certain that the bass signal is clean ? is it an active Squire, and are the preamp batteries fresh, is the cable good ?
    Sounds like you know to check the bass, so let us know what you find.

    good luck
  4. DnnysDVHEAD

    DnnysDVHEAD Guest

    Jun 14, 2017
    FOA thanks for your response i didnt expect it, I have checked the video before, thanks still. he has the volumen very low. Yes i know i can get some distorted tones from it. I have some experience on guitar amps, new to bass heads.
    And yes i have tried with everything on full to check how much volume could i get, I have a squier 4 string passive bass. I am thinking now I could be my bass, i will try two diferents basses tomorrow, a yamaha active its one of them its a better bass, Ill try the same settings and see what-s up. I might have to check the electronics on the bass.
  5. DnnysDVHEAD

    DnnysDVHEAD Guest

    Jun 14, 2017
    I m not using pedals. I dont have anything connect to the loop, i shouldnt do anything right?
    about the fliptop there is nothing touching the speaker. there should be ANYTHING inside the cabinet? apart from the wires. There may be something going on with the fliptop how do you know which side to screw the head? I just did it withouth thinkg about it and now the seal its not as leveled as before. should I change the direction of the head and tried out? is there a only way to do this? and how can there be the fliptop leak , I have the 4 locks sealed.
    The squier is a passive, i will try a yamaha active tomorrow.
    thanks for your response I really aprecciate it, you guys rock! I didnt expect help this fast, this forum is tight.
  6. sstillwell


    Nov 20, 2008
    A Stingray has active EQ - if you have the knobs all the way up, you're putting some pretty serious EQ gain in at the source and might very well clip the input of the amp. Yeah, you aren't going to be able to EQ that out easily. The OP specified passive bass - which will only have treble roll off. Everything dimed there will yield flat response...or as close as it will get.
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  7. Ox Boris

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    Nov 23, 2015
    The bit you need is at ~5:35, If you've actually attached it already, you should be fine.
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  8. pfschim

    pfschim Just a Skeleton with a Jazz bass

    Apr 26, 2006
    SF Bay Area
    when I was talking about the screws and bolts on the cab, I was talking about tightening them ... all of them. You have to be patient and look for all of them.
    Top, handles, corners (each of these has a couple) tweeter/speaker jack control cavity, clasps that hold the top to the cab, nuts that hold the the speaker to the baffle. lots of them and most get loose on my rig over a period of a few months of regular use.

    On my PF500/115HE rig they were all pretty loose and were definitely rattling at certain freqs, which besides being annoying, can sound like distortion/farting.

    of course, it is entirely possible that your amp has a distortion problem too, so after you try all of these suggestions, you may need to find a qualified tech to check it out.

    good luck/buena suerte
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  9. DnnysDVHEAD

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    Jun 14, 2017
    Im gonna do that PFschim.
    today I tried with 3 diferent basses. my squier , a nice yamaha Rbx4 A2 ,and another bass from a local brand in Lima. They re like 100 bucks but still has been used in gigs with no problems.
    They all have the same issue with the cabinet so I really doubt it has something to do with screws but ill get to that tomorrow.
    Aparently im gonna have to take it to the shop see if they can change the cabinet or fixed it. Seems like a factory issue.
    My friend has the 210 he and goes more than 5 on volume with no issue. And you my also have no issue pushing this a bit more. i dont expect the cabinet to not distort at 10 but I need more volume to keep up with a loud drummer given the case.
    I send a email to the guys at Ampeg and they told to check if I have the issue when listening to the headphones and I dont hear the same fart on the headphones. I have tried in 3 diferentes rooms in my house, one being my backyard.
    I hope it all ends well and they let me change this for the 4x10.
    thanks. I ll post a message when im done with this ampeg adventure.
    Try it a lot before you pay for the stuff its now my modo. PEACE
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  10. DnnysDVHEAD

    DnnysDVHEAD Guest

    Jun 14, 2017
    So i wnt to the store to try the amp over there.
    Info for anyone reading.
    Result : They took out another 115 he and we tested them both.
    The fart was not as present on the store as it was in my house but it was still there. I think you could tell because they have so much pa systems over there lots of windows there.
    End of the story I am not having with an cabinet that farts with 4 on gain and 5 on volumen having all the Eq flat and no ultra low or ultra high. So I am taking home the 410 He , I tried and im gonna pick it up tomorrow Im hoping the situation will not be the same at my house since the new cabinet can take a lot more than 450watts and Im just sending 300 watts from the pf500.
    Anyways I have been reading a lot and i could use some info, why bass amps fart a lot ? I am new to the bass gear and would like some explanation.
    The other post say that I some cabinet will tend to fart out easier than other.
    whats the most volume you guys send to the cabinet? lets say on an ampeg head. Can anynoe share some pics of settings where your head and cabinet farts? I just want to use a volume that will compete with a loud drummer with no problema.
    300 watts should be abe to do that right.

    Thanks guys
  11. mmbongo

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    It's not an issue of power, it's an issue of your cabinets. The 115HE is a single driver, sealed cabinet. You're trying to get all that sound out of a single driver, so strike one. And since its a sealed cabinet, it won't be as loud as a ported cabinet so you're probably trying to get more out of it than it's designed to do. Strike two. Plus a sealed cabinet can tend to 'fart' more just due to the design. Strike three!

    The solution would be to add another matching 15, as one obviously cannot deliver what you need.
  12. DnnysDVHEAD

    DnnysDVHEAD Guest

    Jun 14, 2017
    Thanks for the info, as I mention I dont know this stuff and certainly the guys at store haven mentioned this to me.
    Did you have a look at the the settings I posted? they are not by any means pushing the amp and it does the farting sounds. can you share the setting on your amp cabinet and when does it make the fart on yours? thanks for sharing in advance. So do all cabinets tend to fart usually? or just speacilly 1x15 cabs? and people will tend to use two, I have seen a lots of post from people matching cabinets. I guess this is the thing I do not know
    So having a 4x10 (tomorrow I am checking out the PF 410HLF for some extra cash in the same store.)
    would this help my situation as I can only afford one cabinet for now. I am taking this conclusion myself, am I thinking the right thing here?
  13. dtripoli


    Aug 15, 2010
    Fart, clip or briefly cut out, whatever you want to call it.
    FWIW, My PF500 w/ matching cabs 2x10 and 115 cut out regularly(at least once a gig or rehearsal).
    It's a little disconcerting to have finally got the gear I wanted and have this anomaly with it.
    I'm running my G&L ASAT in passive mode with gain & volume at 12 or 1 o'clock.
    Doesn't happen with any other amp I use.
    PF 210-115HE_Fotor.jpg
  14. Howdy OP. My PF 800 and PF115HE will do the same farting with the settings you're using.

    It's all in the gain structure with the PF heads. I quickly learned to set Gain 9-10 O'clock, Bass at 11:00, Mids at 1:00, Mid selector at #5...or whatever your flavour, High at 9:00, and, get this...Master at 4:00. Master at 5:00 produces too much noise. Loud/large venues require me to turn up the gain, but anything over 12:00 is unbearably loud for the audience.
    These settings have allowed me to play loud without those protesting noises emanating from my speakers.

    Other heads through the same cabinet do not produce flapping noises, even cranked up. Others tried are GK1001RBII, Ampeg SVT 3PRO, and my VT Bass DI through a Peavey PV2600 power amp. All of these have been into the PF115HE and/or PF115LF.
    My conclusion from this is that the PF solid state heads (PF 500 and PF800) produce bigger lows at lower gain structure settings than the other amps. Or, the PF heads just can't match the other amps for honest to goodness thump.
  15. dtripoli


    Aug 15, 2010
    I'll give these setting a try.
  16. DnnysDVHEAD

    DnnysDVHEAD Guest

    Jun 14, 2017
    That sucks, I dont think this is right that you have to be limited to some settings.
    FInally I got a 410 HLF , pay for the diferrence. and now I am happy with my cabinet, huge bottom end and no farting.
    From reading hunders of post and my self investigation having the cabinet, The 115he wont take 300 watts from the pf500 withouth farting. It seems like you have the same issue, can i ask how much watts are you using from your pf 800? Quickfix.
    I think its a fault of the desing and maybe some bad adverstising since they sell those two products as a combo In many onnlie stores. If you re telling that with these settings I have posted in the pic , this amp will fart, then 1 IT could bea production line problem or 2 they all fart.
    Conclusion : Try it before you buy and push the amp as hard as someone would pushed it too see if I can take it.

    Thanks guys.
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  17. I've had 2 PF115HE cabs. Both farted at levels my current 115s handle without a problem.
    I wasn't using an Ampeg PF amp. But I found the PF115s just couldn't take the amount of power of other 15s that I was used to. When I used two together. ..obviously I was only gig each 115 half the power and they sounded good. ..but I wanted to be able to use 1 x 115.
    I sold em and bought a couple of Fender Bassman Pro Neo 115 cabs. No such problems. .even with a Super Bassman amp powering one. ..very loudly. Two of the Bassman Pro Neo 115 cabs. .. YOOOOOOOOJ sound. ... too much mostly.
    Bottom line. .. I usually use just one 115 Bassman cab with one of a few different amps. .. V4B, Super Bassman, Aguilar TH500 and no farting.
  18. That's hard to say other than the head is limited to 400 watts when using an 8 ohm cab such as the PF115HE and LF. The actual wattage isn't really measurable in a gigging environment with the tools at hand. That all would rely on how hard you play, gain structure and volume selected. I play at varying volumes from low to high using the Gain knob. So...anywhere from one watt, to ear splitting. Who knows how "ear splitting" converts to watts.
    I'm now using the PF115HE for tame circumstances, and the PF115LF for more vigorous gigs. There's a Berg HD212 for sale in the local area. It's got me interested. Steering away from Ampeg now.