Phil Collins ‘In The Air Tonight’ again in charts at no2

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  1. A ‘Reaction’ video on YouTube showing twin brothers (who I’ve been watching quite a while) named Fred & Tim Williams listening to the song for the first time, has been watched 4.7 million times and has caused Phil Collins’ song “In The Air Tonight” to go to no.2 on iTunes. It was released and last charted 39 years ago. Their ‘reaction’ to different songs they have never heard before is sometimes funny, charming, or exciting. Seeing old music through fresh eyes, that never listened to that type music before, is always interesting. If you haven’t watched ‘Reaction’ videos, there are quite a few people who get hundreds of thousands, or millions of people watching, to see how they react. Most of them say how much better they like songs with real musicians (including bass), instead of the looped and sampled ones they’ve grown up listening to. To my knowledge, this is the first time that one has directly caused a song to go back onto the charts. The brothers’ YouTube username is TwinsthenewTrend. I also recommend checking reactions out by a guy called Jamel_AKA_Jamal, and a guy who is also a bassist with the name ModernRenaissanceMan.
    Here’s a news story about this:
    Phil Collins: viral In The Air Tonight reaction video puts the song back in the charts | MusicRadar
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