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Phil Jones 9B

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Easy Rider, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. Hello everybody,

    Those Phil Jones cabs really tickled my interest! What a great new concept. So good in fact, I think I'm considering these cabs a replacement to my beloved Trace Elliot cabs.

    Anyone test drive those 9B cabs yet? I figure those things make wonderful compact replacements for a 4x10", being 8ohms and 900W and all.
    If they sound as good as people say, I wouldn't mind switching my 4x10"/1x18" stack over for two 9B's and enter a whole new era of sound. Any of those cabs come to Europe yet?

    Two flies one stone, great mix-cutting sound and a LOT smaller than my Traces, which is a big thing for me, being the small-car-owning-living-at-the-end-of-two-winding-stairs kinda guy.
    For fear of insulting my car I do have to say my Traces do fit perfectly, although loading is time consuming.

  2. E.M.


    Dec 7, 2003
    Phil Jones are top of the line stuff. Do a search to find detailed reviews. There is a dealer in Italy that you could find at www.philjonesbass.com Scince you're in the Netherlands you might want to check out www.hevos.nl
  3. Oh yeah I did a lot of searching.
    There was one thread were the 9B was used as a standalone. The man said it sounded good, and I don't doubt that (but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so I really want to try the 9B myself with my Trace Elliot AH500-12 head)
    But to me the question whether a 9B can be as loud as a good 4x10" remained unanswered.
    There are some people who tried all the Phil Jones cabs, so I'd like a reaction from them if possible.

    From what I gathered from Phil's site and the reviews of the six-pak a 9B should be able to eat 4x10's for breakfast. It has slightly more voice coil, plus the tone's so well defined you don't need to be that loud anyway, like I read the six-pak as a standalone has proven marvelously.

    So, am I correct on this one?

    If I am, I believe Phil Jones will sell those 9B's like hotcakes, being so compact.
    Sure, they're only slightly lighter than your average 4x10" but a LOT smaller, and carrying that weight in a smaller package (thus closer to the body) really saves your back a great deal. Also because you don't have to do all those acrobatics and get your spine all twisted up or having to lean over to one side or another once things get a bit tight (on winding stairs for instance :mad: ) And they'll probably fit in pretty near any car, and you'll still have a back seat!
    I really want to try those 9B's... and then buy two of them! Oh, ehm, first give me (quite) a few months to raise the cash though. :)

  4. bben


    Feb 28, 2002
    Santa Fe, NM
    I am curious about the PJB stuff, too, but haven't seen any in the flesh. My understanding, though, was that four fives equate to one ten, in the larger scheme of things. This would make the 9B closer to a 21O than a 410. And the 6B is kind of like a 112.
  5. Ok I admit I dont know that much about amps, so all you experienced members please feel free to set me straight. I would think that these cabs would be quite heavy being that they have more drivers. Is this a stupid assumption? Does anyone know the numbers on these cabs? Regarding weight I mean. All I know is the pjb website seems to really stress mobility, and so it caught my curiosity.
  6. Phil Jones has all the weights and dimensions on his site.
    Regarding the 9B, it weighs almost 36 kg, while my Trace 1048H weighs 42 kg. So it's lighter, you'll definitely feel that 6 kgs difference, but like I said above all the smaller dimensions make it a lot easier to handle.

    Still no-one who compared that 9B to a 4x10"? :confused:

    Oh well, I'll have to wait 'till they ship some to 'round here... :meh:


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