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Featured Phil Jones Bass Cub Turns Pro

Discussion in 'News & PR' started by TalkBass, Mar 26, 2021.

  1. TalkBass

    TalkBass News Poster

    Mar 12, 2004
    The PJB Bass Cub Pro (Model BG-120) is the ultimate in the evolution of the popular Bass Cub ultra-compact bass amplification series from Phil Jones Bass. The power amplifier section has been completely redesigned and has been fortified to deliver as much as 240 watts RMS of pure tone to go. Together with PJB’s Chrome-Dome speaker technology it provides far greater transient attack from improved loudspeaker cone acceleration, greater dynamic range, and lower harmonic distortion. It will provide increased headroom and speed to capture every nuance of bass playing, from gentle fingerstyle to hardcore slapping.

    The speaker design and efficiency is the result of PJB’s commitment to driver research at Phil Jones’s laboratory that features a Klippel laser measurement system and a massive anechoic chamber.

    As a stand alone combo the Bass Cub Pro will deliver 120 watts RMS into the internal speakers and will increase to 240 watts RMS at 4 Ohms with the addition of an extension cabinet. The pre amp is a 5 band eq single channel unit with Low Bass, High Bass, Mid-Range, Low Treble and High Treble controls with +/- 18dB of boost or cut on each control.

    The cabinet is constructed of solidly braced Baltic birch plywood and is appointed with luxury “tolex” covering with color options of both Burgundy Red and Black. The input has a switchable gain (for active and passive basses), mute switch, and LED clip indicator which will accurately match all bass instruments. The FX Send/Return sockets feature a blend control to achieve desired balance between FX and dry signals. An auxiliary input has a level control for quick mixing of external devises such as a drum machine or iPod/MP3 player, which are audible through the stereo Headphone Socket or speakers.

    Two Speakon sockets on the back are devised for an 8 ohm extension speaker such as a PJB C2, C4, or C8 cabinet and for the PJB EAR-Box, which is a dedicated personal micro-close field monitor for musicians. A voltage selector switch allows the amp to run on any AC power worldwide.

    PJB’s exclusive heavy chromed steel armored corners adorn the cabinet with stainless steel hex screws. A plush heavy duty stitched leather handle makes carrying the amp a comfortable task. The cabinet can tilt to increase sound projection when placed on the floor and 8 rubber feet allow the cabinet to be placed vertically or horizontally.

    The Bass Cub Pro’s dimensions are 12″ Wx 11″D x 7.8″H and weighs only 16.7 lbs. A soft cover is included.
    BG-120-1-scaled.jpg BG-120-2-03-scaled.jpg BG-120-2-10-scaled.jpg BG-120-2-11-scaled.jpg BG-120-2-12-scaled.jpg BG-120-2-scaled-2.jpg BG-120-2-scaled.jpg BG-120-3-scaled.jpg BG-120-4-scaled.jpg



    May 19, 2019
    good amp
  3. I ordered one but I think its stuck on a ship somewhere. Hopefully it will arrive in the next few weeks.
  4. StayLow


    Mar 14, 2008
  5. daveobieone

    daveobieone Providing the "musical foundation" since 1966

    Jul 8, 2012
    I'd sure love to see an actual in-use review of this. Like in a real band rehearsal / gig setting.
    With the additional C-2 cab too if possible.
    Can it keep up with a decent sized group? Is it just for small, unplugged settings?
    I can't see how it can move enough air, but then again, newer, smaller drivers are doing some pretty impressive things these days.
    Dave O.
  6. hazmatt


    Jun 3, 2012
    san diego
    I have a C2 and just preordered a cub pro, so will share some insight here when it arrives and I get to meet up with my drummer.
  7. bassfran

    bassfran Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2012
    Endorsing artist: Lakland basses
    Do mine eyes deceive me? Has someone finally built and marketed a modern combo amp with SPEAKER OUT JACKS?!
    May wonders never cease.
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  8. daveobieone

    daveobieone Providing the "musical foundation" since 1966

    Jul 8, 2012
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  9. hazmatt


    Jun 3, 2012
    san diego
    Ah that's a good take. I bet the genzler is a good match for the C2. My elf plays very nicely with the C2, and is even smaller footprint than the traynor the author muses about. but the elf only has one speaker output, and putting a pair of c2's in series might turn out to be less SPL with the decreased wattage. So if just looking for a single cab, the elf does the trick real nice. i'm curious to compare it to the combo when it arrives.
  10. Phil Jones BG120 Bass Cub Pro 4x5 vs 8x10 comparison.
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  11. Aloe


    Apr 10, 2016
    there’re no speaker jacks on this one, speakons for cabs and 1/4 line out (not enough for a non-powered cab)

    I regret they omitted a mic preamp on this revision though.
  12. bassfran

    bassfran Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2012
    Endorsing artist: Lakland basses
    Yes, they are indeed speakon. In my excitement I miss-typed.
  13. glocke1

    glocke1 Supporting Member

    Apr 30, 2002
    this actually sounds pretty good...and a its a video with no slapping!

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  14. hazmatt


    Jun 3, 2012
    san diego
    nice. i like the double mic set up to give a sense of attack and room. if only they offered the white in the US!
  15. selowitch

    selowitch Supporting Member

    Aug 6, 2005
    Rockville MD
    So is it the case that the Bass Cub Pro (BG-120) cannot be operated with a battery like the Double Four (BG-75) can?
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