Phil Jones Bass Cub vs GK 150MS???

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  1. Chris Croce

    Chris Croce

    Aug 3, 2017
    I've had a GK 150MS for a long time. Nothing wrong with it, but I've been really intrigued by the Phil Jones 2x5 Bass Cub 100W amp, mostly for it's clear definition in tone as well as it being SUPER portable and small footprint. Does anyone have experience with the PJ amp/both of these and could shed some light on if the PJ is good for smaller gigs? (Jazz combo, coffee house, practice sessions, etc.). Thanks!
  2. I just played a PJB amp for the first time and I am selling all my bass gear to buy one. The tone is unmatched. I will say the 2x5 Bass Cub was not very loud, but for small shows with a quiet drummer they will get you what you need. With the 6x5 powered extension cab you will have your dream amp.
  3. alembic76407


    Apr 29, 2004
    I have a Cub 100, don't be afraid to run way up it can handle it, I use mine for practice at home and acoustic jams and have a pair of PJB C8 (16-5s) with 900 watts for the loud stuff
  4. I also have a GK MB150 combo for the last 25 years and it has performed flawlessly over thousands of gigs, great little amp.. about a year ago I got a great deal on and bought a demo PJB Flightcase 150 which has 4 x 5 drivers and is rated at 150w. I must be honest the GK can get a bit louder, at least to my ears, however in terms of tone there is no comparison.. the PJB wins hands down.. actually hands, feet and everything else down and for the kind of gigs I use these small combos for I dont need much volume so the GK has become redundant.. If you love good tone you will love Phil Jones equipment!
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  5. Hi, I myself have moved "down" in amp size. Amped B25/Fender Bassman Ten/GK MB150/SWR Workingman 10. I recently got a s/h PJG BassCub 100, mainly because I am now 67 and still play upright and that tires me down. So 2 decisions, rehabilitating my Höfner Senator Bass 1966 for repetitive lines on when the band is too loud and getting the PJB came very logic as it has 2 channels so I can double easily with both basses ready at any time.
    It's very good, probably not very loud but the bands I play here in SouthWest France all have PA systems.
    It offers a very crisp, true to whatever bass you plug : I play a SQ Vintage Modified VI.
    Since I may have to play it louder in Blues/RnB/Rock contexts I may acquire a second one and have the option of going stereo with the Leslie/Chorus I want to add (I play harp and mandolin).
    It sits vertical under a chair and looks the part, all black, very stealthy.
    Another plus is the handy gig bag. If I only take the EBG, it's a one trip from the car to the stage.
  6. Badger Bass

    Badger Bass

    Mar 16, 2018
    Currently running a Bugera Veyron head through a PJ 4x5. Who'da thunk those little speakers could push so much air. Pristine tone and clarity even down low. I've got a Drake semi-hollow bass with tapewound strings, so the instrument tends to be woody and full sounding. The cabinet retains all of that richness but with a tight sound. Ideal for small combo gigs.
  7. kennym57


    Jun 29, 2005
    San Francisco
  8. kennym57


    Jun 29, 2005
    San Francisco
    They play blues in the South of France? :)
  9. I know this is probably a dead thread but I wanted to put my thoughts in. I have had the bass cub in the past and now wish is still had it. I am currently playing the Phil Jones C4 cabs and couldn't be happier. The bass cub is super well built, well thought out and incredibly balanced for its size and power rating. I used the cub to do some full big band gigs with both electric and upright with and without PA reinforcement and never felt like I was pushing it to hard. That being said it wasn't enough to reach the other side of the horn section on loud shout choruses or heavy latin tunes during rehearsals but with a bit of PA help it was just right. Where this thing shines is smaller rooms where you have access to the wall and floor. The user manual is correct in stating placement of this amp matters. The C4 I use now is mind blowing. I have put these cabs through some of the loudest gigs in some of the worst rooms in town and still felt like they had more to go. The only negative thing I have to say is that the supper low end is not as present as say a 15'' or a really good 12, but it beats the 12" Mark stuff by far. To further state the ability of these cabs; I double on synth through this setup and its super fat for what it is.
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