SOLD Phil Jones Double 4, battery cords, & bag.

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    Phil Jones Double 4 with PowerAdd long life battery and all connectors, charges, and power supplies, unopened manual, high quality padded Arriba bag. Shipped in original box that does have a rip and for fitting pads inside another box of ultimate protection. Great shape. Shipped CONUS

    Great shape. Never fulfilled its busking job, wall mellow jazz gigs, or RV/camping duties as Covid hit. Great sound for upright or electric. Gets pretty loud, particularly when about a foot from a wall where the resonators get involved. Used effectively as a sound bar for movies and outside driveway filling sound when connected to a phone. Used mainly for practice in my office and occasionally in the driveway to keep up with a couple of loud acoustic tempImage5Hlc9k.png tempImageESBSUZ.png tempImageIWEi1e.png tempImageWteI8E.png tempImage5Hlc9k.png guitars, fiddles, and banjos.

    Hate to see if go, but clearing out all my stuff to raise funds, and will use whatever I have left.

    Trades interest would include a Barefaced cab or Acoustic image or similar stuff, plus or minus cash as needed.
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