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    Sep 17, 2017
    IMG_2269.JPG Good shape. Includes cover. Hey - just the heads were going for $1,100 used. So you could buy the head for $1,297.33 and I'll throw in the cabinet for free!

    For trades, I'm interested in other high-end bass cabs.

    From Phil Jones Bass:

    The Six Pack sits between our combos and big rigs. A combo by definition, the Six Pack is perfect for small gigs but opens up a can of whoop ass when connected to an extension cabinet for larger gigs. The secret sauce? Our very powerful M-500 head.

    Six 5” drivers in a computer-aided designed vented enclosure are matched with the M-500 head for unprecedented flexibility. For small gigs, you’re operating at about 190 watts at 12 ohms. However, hook-up one of our beastly extension cabinets and you can be pounding out up to 700 watts! Telescoping handle and heavy duty casters ease the burden, so you can enjoy the beast.

    Specifications for the product selected:

    Model SIXPAK
    Description Live/studio combo featuring M500 amp 6 x Piranha speakers
    Size 22.5 x 15.75 x 17.5
    Accessories Power cord, Allen key set, nylon cover
    Power Output 750W RMS
    Speakers 6x PJB PIRANHA TYPE A
    NetWeight 83 lbs / 37.5 kg
    Volts 110 & 220 AC
    US$ MSRP $2150

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