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Phil Lesh using a Digtech BP200?

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Corporate Boy, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Really? This surprises me, but I am pretty sure he has been using it the entire tour. I have never noticed it before. I am pretty sure it is new. I can't see why he is going this route. I haven't notice him directly manipulate the pedal, but I guess it could happen during a show. He does turn around on occasion and fiddle with his amp, but not as much as Bob. His tone is notable for being pretty consistent through out the show, but I have heard a little fuzz break up in the signal on sound boards and sometimes the clarity cuts through more then usually at significant parts that cue transitions out of a jam. I always thought it was his picking technique more then anything. maybe he just sets the tone he likes and lets it run.

    Any Philzoners out there have any insight in how and why he is using it?

  2. waleross


    Nov 27, 2009
    South Florida
    Its a great pedal ( I have one and use it) you can do a lot with it. He probably uses it for one setting, tunes up with it and keeps on trucking......................................:cool:
  3. Is Phil touring again now? If so, good to hear that.

    The guitar player in my main band would like to do a couple of Dead songs so I went back and listened to Lesh's lines, not that I didn't hear them 40 or so years ago. But they're really good. I'm not into the jam-band stuff, more the studio work, but listen, for example, to the vamp out of Uncle John's Band - that is a weird and complicated line but it works very well. Lesh was a classically trained violinist and trumpeter before taking up bass, it shows. :bassist:
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