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  1. I like what Phil did, and his bass sound too. It was just plain genuine, not to mention he was a very talented individual, who made what he had to offer work. As a bass player, and as a musician, there went an enviable life. Raising a glass. Slainte!
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    Phil was as famous for being the first Irishman to put Ireland on the Rock and Roll map of the world as anything else. His first instrument was actually guitar and he took up the bass because someone had to do it. He surrounded himself with first rate musicians. The drummer, Brian Downey, was as good a drummer as you could get. Lead guitarists included Gary Moore and John Sykes of Whitesnake fame. Rhythm guitarist Scott Gorham was just as responsible for bringing a solid rhythm section as were Downey and Lynott. Here's a video of Sykes bringing some shredding to the Thin Lizzy sound.

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    I've always loved the Bad Reputation record. This is one of my favorite tracks by them.

  4. It was important to get this music played... so he played bass. Fair enough, and well done too.
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    I loved the Night Life record. Hard to find maybe. Saw him live one time, became a believer. After 'The Boys are back in Town' wasn't that interested anymore. Too commercial, rather shallow. My opinion only, but the guy was a major talent. Find that 'Night Life' record and you'll see.
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  6. Cool bridge.
  7. Phil was a big fan of Van, especially his song writing. I remember reading in an interview Phil gave way back, probably the late 70's early 80's?, where he mentioned van's lyric writing. He referenced the song Astral Weeks, saying something along the lines of, who else could fit the word Viaducts into a line and make it scan.
    The opening lines of the song being, "If I ventured in the slipstream, between the viaducts of your dreams."
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  8. To me, "virtuosos" are YAWN! Give me someone who can lay down a groove and carry the song. That's my kind of virtuoso. Just my $0.02.
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    Jan 28, 2019
    I think Van Morrison beat him to that, tbh. "Gloria" came out in 1964.
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    Not a fan of the band myself, but man if you don't "get it" after watching this, there's just no hope for you.

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    Good bass player - tick. Great singer - tick. Amazing songwriter- tick. But so far no one has said what a fantastic front man and show man he was. Saw Lizzy live twice (81 and 83) and he was mesmerising to watch.

    Live And Dangerous is a must listen/watch album. Perfect classic rock.

    “Anyone out there got a little Irish in them? [crowd cheers] Any of the girls out there want a little more Irish in them?”
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  15. He was a much "busier" and interesting bass player when Lizzy was a three-piece. He pulled it off well. Great groove and nice, fluid playing. 'Gonna Creep Up on You' is a great example.
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    He was a great performer and musician, and a genuinely nice guy. And quite tall! I saw a lot of Lizzy gigs, and quite a few farewell shows. I particularly liked the 3-piece era with Eric Bell.
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    Not sure I think of VM as "rock" tbh. Certainly not rock like Thin Lizzy were rock. Maybe I've just heard brown-eyed girl too many times.
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    Oh yeah, saw him towards the end in Brum, right up against the stage. Not my core thing, but fun and rocking'.. I also get to play and sing Cowboy Song in one band. I like to introduce it as "a song about Texas [where we are] written by an Irishman, , and sung by an Englishman [me]". Also, if you are of a mind, check out "Cowboy Song - The Authorized Biography" by Graeme Thompson. Phil was a tortured soul.
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    I guess one person's 'slop' may be another person's 'expression.' I consider much of his playing to be expressive. And likewise is his singing, a lot of relaxed variation but still wrapping around the groove; his singing was usually telling stories, not just singing lyrics.

    After spending a little over two years starting to learn to sing I can confidently state that doing both of those things simultaneously and quite independently, and doing them well, is extremely difficult and worthy of respect. I still struggle with just simply mechanically playing while singing, much less being proficient at both. I'm finally only to the 'adequate' point, I believe.

    I can promise you that no matter how much natural talent he had, getting both that smooth required a lot of dedication, time, effort and belief in what he was doing. You can't not admire that in an artist.
  20. Gloria was the big hit for the band Them in the mid 60's, at the time that was pretty gritty and rocky compared to what was going on in popular music generaly. What is/was rock is pretty time sensitive. But yes, I don't regard VM as a rocker either, (though with the band Them, he was certainly more rock than his latter output.) my comment was in response to a particular statement, about a particular time and peoples views at that time.

    Still, enough of sidetracking the OP's thread. Phil Lynott was one hell of a stage presence , whether or not he was a bass virtuoso, (whatever that is) he was accomplished enough on the instrument to play competently, while he sang and put on one heck of a visual show all at the same time. (As well as writing his own material.)
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