Phil Upchurch?

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  1. I guess this one slipped past me.... I was asked to play a few old (50s/60s) blues tunes at a holiday party and thought "hey, that's what i do - i'm gonna be fine." Then I listened to one of the tunes: Little Milton's "grits ain't groceries" and was floored by the bass part. I had to find out who was playihg like that on blues tunes in the 60's and it was mr. upchurch. Damn, he was playing 70s funk in a 60s blues tune. Looks like I'm off to the shed.......
  2. Phil Upchurch and Wilton Felder are two of the baddest bass players that are rightly known for playing other instruments and rarely get mentioned in these parts. Both are high on my favorite bassist list.
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    Dec 12, 1999
    Very 1st Jazz album I bought with my own coin was Bad Benson (George Benson)...the '70s Hard/progressive Rock station we all listened to at that time actually played a couple of tracks from this album...the guitarist (Benson) & the electric piano player (Kenny Barron) killed. So, I bought it.
    It's on CTI & has a stellar cast of sessioneers: Phil Upchurch, Ron Carter, Steve Gadd, Hubert Laws, Airto, etc.
    Listening, even back then, the rhythm guitarist (Upchurch) was killin' it.
    Anyway, on one cut, "Full Compass", Upchurch played electric bass. It's like a bass etude...
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    IIRC he played on some Donny Hathaway recordings. Very funky bassist!
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    Another Upchurch fan here! Awesome feel!