Phish and primus and the police

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  1. bailstric


    Aug 12, 2001
    Ontario Canada
    so im flipping through a spin magazine and i see this little article about how les claypool, Trey Anastasio of phish and stewart copeland of the police have formed a band called oysterhead. alot of u may have already known but i thought it was pretty cool. havent heard any of there stuff yet but should be interesting!
  2. Yes, their band is called Oysterhead. Personally, I was a little dissapointed with the album. I thought it would be SO cool, but when I listened to it, I realized it wasn't nearly as cool as I thought it would be.
  3. I just got back from seeing them live at the greek theater here in Berkeley. It was a good show, kinda seemed like Primus, but with a different guitar player, and drummer... It really seemd more of an open jam than songs really. Tons of guitar and bass soloing, at times it seemd like it was a bit unorganized. I have no clue how many footswitches trey was dealing with, but he was tap dancing the whole night, tons of different sounds though, but he paid the price with the tap dancing.

    <font size=1> Edit: (BW) Sorry, but I couldn't stand looking at "berekely". <font>
  4. RIC4003


    Nov 12, 2000
    Oxford, Ohio USA
    I bought the Oysterhead album and I love it. It is alot like a Primus, Phish mix. If you are a Claypool fan I think you will enjoy.:eek:
  5. I forgot to mention... does anyone know any reason why Les pulled his first Carl Thompson out of retirement? He used it the whole first set, when i saw it i was quite surprized. First time i've seen him use that bass, and i was really glad he did a fat solo using the khraler, cause i was always wondering how he'd incorperate it into his act.
  6. melvin


    Apr 28, 2001
    I think hes using it now because hes having the other 4 string fixed and then hes having another 4 made or something. Then I dont think he even uses the Rainbow bass anymore, anyone know for sure?
  7. He said he stoped using the rainbow bass because it was too hard for him to play it, dance around on stage, and act like les, as well as sing. He said he wasnt having as much fun with it.

    As for him having one fixed... i know he has the khraler one, the back up to the khraller, and then the newest one (in the shop?), and then one more being made. First time i saw him, he used the one which was teh backup for his first one (khraller) and the newest one was being made at that time, second time i saw him, he used the newest bass (which is missing in action right now), which was at new years. Last night for the first set he used his first one (khraller), then he switched to some really neat upright 1 string bass with a whammy bar (which i think he broke, because he droped it, tried to play it again, adn then ran off stage with it, and came out without it), and then to the backup of the first one. He never even pulled out the newest one, which is why it would make sense that it was in the shop. What i dont understand is why he used teh first one, he said that it was almost dead, and he really liked that bass, so he didnt wnat to tour with it anymore, adn his backup for that one was workign fine when he came out with it for the encore.

    Maybe he used teh Khraller bass just for that show? he says that the greek theater is his favorite place to preform, so maybe its a special thing for him? Has anyone else seen oysterhead in concert, and can report about this?