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Phish version of Gin and Juice

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by Oliphaunt, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. Oliphaunt


    May 30, 2002
    Has anyone else heard this? It's great.
  2. it's not really phish.
  3. Oliphaunt


    May 30, 2002
    It isn't???



    still, it's funny.
  4. Woodchuck


    Apr 21, 2000
    Atlanta (Grant Park!)
    Gallien Krueger for the last 12 years!
    That's one of the funniest songs I've heard. Who is it?
  5. Slater

    Slater Leave that thing alone. Supporting Member

    Apr 17, 2000
    The Great Lakes State
    I'm guessing that the song in question is by Aquarium Rescue Unit from the Col. Bruce Hampton days.
  6. slam

    slam Guest

    Mar 22, 2000
    It's by a band called The Gourds out of Texas. Great version of that song.
  7. acor1016


    Jul 16, 2001
    does anyone know where i could get a tab to that song? ive been looking all over the place but havent found anything. the first part isnt too hard but towards the end the bass gets pretty tough so i cant tab it out on my own. anything will help. thanks

  8. Piezoman


    Nov 29, 2002
    Bronx, New York
    Where do I hear it?.......
  9. Tsal


    Jan 28, 2000
    Finland, EU
    Doesn't Blues Traveller play a version of Gin & Juice?
  10. Stephen S

    Stephen S Member

    Apr 10, 2002
    San Bernardino, CA
    In hell. It is repeated, over, and over, and over.:spit:
  11. fclefgeoff

    fclefgeoff Supporting Member

    Jan 3, 2002
    It is on the album "Shinebox" by The Gourds and the EP "Gogitchyershinebox" by the same band. They also do a great cover of "Ziggy Stardust" on both albums.
  12. The song is by the Gourds, and not Phish as widely believed.

    It's available on the various file-sharing networks. I know the guys in the Gourds don't mind if you download it, but the RIAA won't.

    You might find a version here: http://www.gourds.org/defaultn.html or here: http://www.thegourds.com

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