Phonic RX3100 Power Amp

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  1. I'm posting this for a friend who is getting back into playing bass after many years. He getting an El Whappo a Eden Navigator, and most likly this Phonic amp. I've really never heard of them and did a little research on the site, but wondered if any of you have tried these amps? I guess they've been around since 78. I told him to sign up for TB but he doesn't have a puter at home... I let him hear my EW with my CA9 which I right off the bat recommended, but he's getting the Phonic for around $550.00 new. I told him I'd give him a good deal on my El Whappo if he really pressed me, but he wants brand spankin' new out of the box. :meh:
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  3. BSR6P-Bob


    Apr 5, 2005
    They appear to be another knock off brand out of China.
    (I think the model you mean is the XP3100)

    I just picked up one of their Mackie knock off's as a practice mixer so I can play with Cd's and stuff without having to fire up the studio and I must say it sounds pretty good for what it is.

    The component quality is likely one compromise point but it seems reliable enough for light use.

    Sorry to say I haven't seen their amps so I can't give specific feedback on those, just on the brand in general.
  4. Thanks Bob
    Yes your correct its xp...
    I told my buddy to spend a few extra bucks and get the Crest... it might be good.