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  1. I was taking some photos this morning at work (which really has me GASing for a macro lens, I might add :meh: ), but I noticed a lot of my photos weren't coming out with the right colours. That is to say, they didn't match the real-life colours. My purples were too dark, my reds too bright, etc.

    Any idea of what I can do to fix that? I'm using a Canon Rebel XTi.

    Actually, as I went to post some pictures, it seems like Flickr color corrected some of them. :meh: Which is kind of weird.



    This is what the photo looked like on both my camera and on iPhoto:

  2. ibanezcollector

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    reds are notoriusly hard to capture properly due to the red overpowering something I forget in the camera.

    Play with your white balance adjustment if you camera has it that can effect the outcomes of the colors as well.

    Your ISO in the camera might need adjusted as well it might be letting in to much light. or not enough.

    Im no camera junkie but im learning as well. Messing with ISO and the White Balances have really made my phots come to life.

    Nice picture.. by the way.

    I had a hard time capturing this Candy Apple Red until I adjusted my white balance setting and now its pretty darn close

  3. Fontaine


    Apr 27, 2006
    post a pic of the unchanged pic, ill have a go with it.
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    A tip I have heard is to have a small piece of white paper to put in the top corner of shots to edit out later. That helps get the white balance right in the camera if it sets itself.
  5. Hmm. Okay. :) I did play with the white balance on some of the other shots, but maybe I didn't do it with that rose. Yeah, I'm still in the learning process also. I believe I was shooting at an ISO of 400 on these shots, can't remember though.

    Those are the rest of the shots, though. Thanks. :)

    That's interesting. I'll definitely keep it in mind.
  6. Fontaine


    Apr 27, 2006
    try this, i played around with it for a minute or so, i made the cracks in the glass a bit more apparent:



  7. White balance most likely.

    But there's not enough contrast either. Post editing terms use your levels pallet in photoshop (ctrl+l) to get the shadows and highlights more balanced.

    I shouldn't think it should have anything to do with your ISO or shutter speed/aperture settings...
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    It seems like a white balance issue. You can try taking the pictures in RAW format and change the white balance stuff during post-processing. Or, you can just try different white balance settings until it comes out right. You can also use a grey card to create a custom white balance. It's very useful if you have mixed light sources.

    Did you take these pictures as handheld?
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    Try shifting your white balance to a cooler setting, a little more blue should even that out.
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    Has anyone mentioned that this might be a White Balance issue?


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    I don't know, maybe it's...

    White Balance?

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    Felt free to do a little editing with the Levels in Photoshop.. In my eyes it looks a 1000x better..

    Your Original

    After adjusting levels in photoshop
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    make sure your camera is set to regular and not portrait, true, etc. it's kind of a sneaky setting which makes certain colours brighter or darker. read your manual - i have an XTi as well.