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  1. I know of a lot of different custom pedal makers but I want to see some that you think are cool. Here are some of the companies that I know there are a lot more but here are a few klinger, nose, jhs,analog man
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    I love these MojoHand pedals. The Pompeii is just stellar, one of the coolest pedals I've ever seen but I'm a Pink Floyd fan too which helps! The BMP-1 just looks brutal. And Russian.


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    Got this awesome guy from Fuzzrocious pedals. It's got 2 distortion settings. The first switch lights 2 of the lights and the second setting turns on the other 2 lights. Looks pretty cool on a board!
  4. Cool stuff
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    Slightly OT question... I sometimes open up pedals to switch out caps. Often I test the pedal without the case on, and if the unit has clipping LEDs they appear to wink on and off with your playing.

    This is really cool! Why do pedals not come with the clipping LEDs mounted externally?
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    Keeley ds1's have them mounted like that
  7. Ok that gnome is awesome who makes it
  8. More Star Wars
  9. that thing has so many big knobs and little tiny ones and so many switchs it is retarded:bassist: it sounds realy cool