Pick guards FS Stingray 4, Jazz 4 and P 5.

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  1. These pick guards are in excellent condition.

    Tort. MM Stingray 4 - $25.00 shipped

    White/Black/White Jazz 4 that fits
    Fender Standard Jazz and American
    Standard Jazz - $25.00 shipped CONUS

    P5 mint green that fits Sadowsky or Fender P 5 - $25.00 shipped CONUS.

    Paypal ok. ImageUploadedByTalkBass1397410501.721044.jpg
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    Hey David, is the 'Ray tort guard OEM or aftermarket?
  5. Honestly I don't know. It seems to fit exactly which tells me it is OEM.
    It came on the bass with an extra white guard which I put back on the bass. Hope this helps.
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  7. Musicman pickguard is sold.
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