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  1. I'm builing a body, and am getting ready to route for pick ups. The thing is, I haven't decided what config I want.

    I already have a Jazz, a P and a MM and a soon to be modified P/J.

    Here are the specs of the bass
    BODY:Ash core, bookmatched figured Walnut top
    NECK: All Maple from Warmoth
    4 string
    35" scale (if I can get one, otherwise it'll have to be 34")
    passive electronics.

    I'm leaning toward the P/ MM config, wired Neck Volume/ Bridge Volume/ Master Tone.
  2. P-MM is good, other suggestions might be MM-MM or MM-J (not J-MM thats lame so many people have that)

    Edit: You got a 35" scale neck from warmoth which isn't a Gecko ??
  3. Try something different: a pair of dual-coil soapbars close to the bridge, a la the Sadowsky 24-fret fivers or the old Modulus SST.
  4. MM - MM sounds interesting. I might go for a dual coil soap like Peter mentioned, along with a MM, or other style humbucker. MM-J would look kinda funny, I think. J-MM is nice, but everyone is doing that now. I might go with the Dual soaps like on the Yamaha Nathan East bass.

    I haven't ordered the neck yet. I really only have it in my head as far as what I want. If all they sell (without being a custom) is 34" scale necks then I guess that is what I'll get. Since, IIRC the Gecko's are 5 string only.

    I need to look into it a bit more, but I'd like a 35" scale neck with the unfinished headstock.

    Something else I thought of was instead of going with a VVT pot setup, I might get the stacked pots, and have a volume/ tone for each pick up.

    Grrr... so many choices. :p

    Right now it's P/MM vs. Dual Soaps and VVT vs. stacked pots.
  5. MM-J is similar to what is used on some warrior basses.

    If you really want a 35" scale, I think you'll have to go for a moses neck (Link)
  6. I thought about that, but I want a 2+2 headstock, not some Fender look alike.

    The only places that sell blank paddle heads are Warmoth and StewMac, and StewMac only sells maple/ rosewood necks.
  7. Moses also offers a Moses 2+2 scooped on that neck

  8. If moses came with a blank paddle head and no logo, I'd be on it. But, that look really doesn't fit what I'm going for, too Ibanez-ish.
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    Aug 3, 2002
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    I like MM-J... but I guess I don't see bass playing as a "trendy" thing. I played one of those limited edition warwicks with the swirly bubinga top and it had that configuration. the J was angled, making it a perfect fiting thumbrest. I would seriously consider doing that same setup to a custom bass. so maybe its trendy to the vogue players, but it feels just right for me.
  10. Sam if I understand your post correctly I think you are talking about J-MM setup (J-Neck pickup, MM bridge pickup) as seen in the picture below and NOT MM-J configuration (MM-Neck pickup,J-bridge pickup)

  11. I have actually the same problem as ChaosGwar.

    I'm going to have a custom bass build and I don't know what pick-up configuration I should ask for.

    I like the P/J configuration a lot, but I also tried some basses (Kritz and Warwick) with J/MM combination and I liked that too.

    Is it possible to build a combination of these 2 configurations ? Sorta-like J/P/J/MM or J/P/MM/J.

    This probably will be too much. I was also thinking of 3 jazz pick-ups: at the neck, in the middle an at the bridge. Just like a saw once at a Jazz Bass from Nicky Wire from the Manic street Preachers.
  13. Cool, that's an awesome bass, I didn't know this German brand. Makes cosidering what I should get now :) , one thing's for certain, I want an european bass.

    I just thougt of something: how does a J/P configuration sound compares to P/J ?
  14. AFAIK the bassistof Tomahawk uses a J-P bass on god hates a coward (at least in the live video)
  15. Since I'm very curious about this subject I'm gonna keep on asking :) :

    Can you also place 2 jazz pickups next to each other at the bridge.
    I know I liked the sound on my Aria Pro II with only my J pickup switched on at the bridge. I'm in favour with such sharp sounds, like Justin's sound from Tool.
    How would 2 there sound ?
  16. how about a reverse p at the neck and a mm or some other soap bar humbucker at the bridge..I've played a bass with the reverse p pup and it sounded pretty tight...just an idea???
  17. Yes it is possible and some companies also offer dual j-pickups in one casing (similar to a soapbar and can be used as humbucker or 2 singlecoils)
  18. I did some reading up on the reverse P, and think I know what I'm gonna do.

    Reverse P, in a higher position than the standard P placement, with a humbucker at the Sterling/ Ray 5 position.
  19. Suburban


    Jan 15, 2001
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    How about two Bart quadcoils, with some switches to make it change between P, reverse P, J-like, humbcker....
    And then, the neck pup slanted backwards, i.e. the bass side closer to the bridge, than the the treble side. For better string balance.

    PS Custom Bart 4-coil, with MM-aperture...hows that?:D DS
  20. Sam V

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    Aug 3, 2002
    Canada - Calgary AB
    yeah thats right l0calh05t, thats how I understood it. I love that set up