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Picked up my first bass pedal!

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by BornAgainBass, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. image. image. i am just getting in to seriously learning the bass now after taking 2 months of lessons over 2 decades ago. So I scored my first bass effects pedal off of fleaBay 2 days ago. I bought a Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff Pl and love it. The Muff pedals are insane! I have been playing guitar off and on for over 35 years and have pedals that I seem to be able to use with my bass but I want to build up a bass pedal board over the next year. I also bought a used TC Electronics Dark Matter Distortion pedal from the local GC that was in mint condition. I have been wanting to pick one up for my guitar set up for awhile now. But after I watched a review on YouTube of it being played through a bass, I had to get it. It actually sounds pretty nice through a bass. The next pedal I want to add is the Darkglass Alpha Omega and then a good chorus, flanger and delay pedal. I have EQ pedals, compressors, blues drives and a noise suppressor pedal for my guitar set up that should get me by for now.

    I have also been looking for a Deltalab DBFX1 Multi Effects pedal with the vol/wah pedal on the side. I can't seem to find one for sale anywhere from someone who will ship it out to me. It's not an expensive pedal but will suit me fine while I practice at home. So if anybody on here has one they want to get rid of then please let me know because I would definitely use it. Right now I only have a Fender Rumble 25w bass amp but want to get the 500 soon. Then I want to get a nice head and cab half stack rig by Christmas. I am a gear wh0r3 so I am really enjoying all this new stuff to check out since switching back to learning bass lol. There are some incredible pedals out there these days for bass. If anybody has a good suggestion on a bass chorus pedal etc for me to try out then I would greatly appreciate it. I love rock and metal but like to play all kinds of music. Thanks everybody and have a great night!
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  2. RickyT


    May 29, 2015
    Dee Why
    Love my Boss CEB 2 (I think) Chorus and just recently picked up a 2nd hand TC Electronic Vortex flanger. The Vortex has 3 separate flangers to choose from - Classic, Tape and then the Tone Print setting that you can download heaps of different flangers. Definitely worth checking out.

    Always fun having an Envelope Filter/Auto Wah too.
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  3. Get a Zoom B2.1u or B1xon instead of the Deltalab
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  4. Thanks RickyT. I am heading out to the local GC today and will try out the TC Vortex. I looked at their new Tone Print when I was looking at practice amps. That's pretty cool that they are now incorporating it in to their pedals. I just bought a Line 6 Spider lV 75w guitar amp and their FBV Express MKll pedal board for a new guitar that I bought 4 months ago. It lets you download custom tones from their website so you can get the right sounds for different songs, bands and download them in to your amp. You can also tweak the effects and arrange them on the amp. I picked up that rig for playing metal. It's a lot of fun. But TC doing that to a pedal is even better! I found some of the TC Vortex Flanger pedals used on GC's website for $59.99 . Thanks again for the awesome flanger suggestion. Much appreciated!
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  5. Thanks bassbrad. I will check them out and might have to go with something different since I can not find a Deltalab anywhere. I really want to get the Deltalab DBFX1 Bass effects pedal because I have one for my guitar rig and already know how to get the sounds I want from it. Plus it doesn't cost much to buy used. I don't like a lot of the effects on it but do like enough of them to make it worth buying. I have also looked in to others and they all get good and bad reviews and cost a little bit more money. I also like that you can just plug in to the Deltalab and play with headphones on without having to plug in to your amp. What do you like about the Zoom multi effects pedals please. Have you also tried the Boss multi effects pedals and do you know which one is better. I am just going to use this stuff at home and not going to play out at all. Thanks for your help and suggestion on an alternative to the Deltalab. Really appreciated! Have a great day.
  6. Multieffects in general have come a long way I just prefer staying with Zoom for the selection of effects and they work fine for my needs and i grok the operating and user interface. Boss/Roland make a great unit but to my ear they are a bit generic.
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  7. image.
    That was a good call on the TC Electronics Vortex Flanger. I tried it out today at the local GC. They only had the Vortex Mini in stock but I LOVED IT!!!! I guess they are clearancing them for some reason at $84.99 new. Probably to get their stock moving and will still carry a couple in the store. I am going to go to another local GC and try the full size Vortex pedal and then choose one after that. I will probably pick one up used from GC since they have a lot of them on their website in stores that are not too far from me. I had to rock out some NIB while trying it out this afternoon lol. Thanks again for the good pedal suggestion!
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  8. Thanks. I have heard that some of the multi effects units out there sound kind of blah these days. I know the Line 6 DGFX1 Guitar Multi Effects pedal falls in to that category but it was at least cheap to buy. I just don't want to shell out $299 for a multi effects pedal that has mediocre sounds. I will check out the Zoom's if I can find one in a shop around here. I was also looking in to the Line 6 Bass Floor POD but it didn't get that great of reviews from people online. Then I was looking at the Line 6 Bass POD Live XT but I read that there were problems with it going blank, shutting down with a red light coming on and never working again and also that they are really not supporting it as much as they should be these days. Kinda cr@ppy of them to do that to all their customers that supported their company by buying the darn thing.

    I also see a lot of the Bass POD's up for sale on the internet so I am guessing that they are probably over rated since people don't want to hold on to them. I would be up for getting a nice rack system later on once I can find an affordable one that I like. But for playing at home, I just need a multi effects pedal with a vol/wah pedal on the side to get me by while playing certain stuff. I know that you can not chain the Deltalab to any other pedals. Can you do that with the Zoom or Boss multi effects pedals? I was wondering because then I could incorporate certain pedals in to the mix that I like and use the multi's delay, reverb and other effects along with the pedals. I don't even know if that is an option with these multi effects pedals but it would be a good option. Thanks again and I will look for a Zoom to try out. Have a great night!
  9. Spectre1966

    Spectre1966 Striving For Mediocrity Supporting Member

    Jul 4, 2014
    Wallingford, CT
    First pedal? Congrats! You are now infected with G.A.S. Kiss your money goodbye! :thumbsup:
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  10. Thanks Spectrs1966. Yeah it's my first TRUE BASS PEDAL. I have a lot of guitar pedals, a Line 6 Spider lV 75w guitar amp with the FBV Express MKll foot pedal so I can add all the custom tones to the rest of the effects already in the amp, a Deltalab DGFX1 multi effects processor that has a vol/wah pedal on the side that is pretty good little multi effects pedal, but the Bass Muff is my first true bass pedal. I am definitely going to get either the full size or mini TC Electronics Vortex Flanger bass pedal for my next one. RickyT suggested it, and after trying it out today, I am definitely adding it to my set up. After that I want to get a Darkglass Alpha Omega pedal after that.

    I really wish that I didn't go out and spend over $2,500.00 on a new guitar, rig for it and a bunch of Luthier tools 4 months ago now. I could have outfitted myself with a nice amp and some effects lol. But I wasn't thinking about getting back in to learning bass so fast then. I was going to wait till after I recover from my next back surgery to pick up a bass but the bass bug bit me hard and I realized that I am a bass player. That's why I picked the user name BornAgainBass because I feel like I have been reborn and found my true calling in an instrument to play lol. I am a Gunsmith, fly fisher, do regular fishing, do archery, woodworking, build custom rods, custom take-down recurve bows, play guitar and hunt so I hear you about there goes the money lmao. I have over 67 fly rods, Spey rods, surf caster, spinning and casting rods lol. But right now with limited income, I am selling stuff that I do not need to help pay for all the new gear that I want to get. Do you have any suggestions on a Chorus pedal, Delay pedal or any other pedals that would be good to add to the mix please. Any help on pedals to look at would be greatly appreciated. Have a great night and thanks again!
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  11. I suggested the B2.1u because it is affordable, has an expression pedal and offers a good sample of effects plus a good tuner, DI and usb interface all in one. Hard to beat for $50-75. Plus it does play well with other effects.
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  12. Thanks bassbrad. I will look in to that one. Appreciate it and have a great night!
  13. RickyT


    May 29, 2015
    Dee Why
    Awesome man. It's definitely a fun pedal and the Tone Print takes it to a whole new level. I'd never even heard of the Vortex but one came up on a FB Buy/Sell/Swap Page for $100 AUD special I jumped on it. I sat down with it for a few hours and plugged into the laptop downloading and messing around with the different sounds. I'd hold out for the bigger pedal though, nice to have a few options.
    I'm surprised more companies haven't done something like this. I've got a TC Electronic BG250 115 combo for at home (again it was cheap as on FB) and it's great to be able to add a Comp or distortion or chorus to the amp itself.
    Now GAS has taken hold be prepared to start scouring the internet for weird & wonderful pedals :bassist:
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  14. dannybuoy


    Aug 3, 2005
    Just a word on the multi fx options...

    I've had the Zoom B1xon (and the B2 and B3 before it), I bought the one with the expression pedal primarily for the bass wah. However the bass wah sounded so bad that the expression pedal was effectively useless. If you want it for volume swells or controlling modulation speed or delay feedback, then it's fine for that!

    Drive sounds, amp sims and pitch/octave effects in most of the multis are mostly pretty terrible. However I have not tried the latest models the Zoom B3N and Boss GT1B (which also has an expression pedal) which now feature Darkglass models. If going for a multi today I would probably check out the Boss GT1B.

    However, depending on what you want the multi fx for, you might just be fine using your existing guitar one. Even though there are bass-specific pedals out there, when it comes to modulation/delay/reverb/filter, guitar pedals work just fine on bass.
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  15. dannybuoy


    Aug 3, 2005
    There aren't many that offer this functionality, but there is a brand new unit from Boss that does:

    BOSS MS-3

    It has 3 loops so you can use your Darkglass Alpha Omega etc in conjunction with the effects from the multi.
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  16. Thanks dannybuoy. I will check it out. Appreciate it.
  17. Yeah certain guitar pedals that I have seem to work. I watched a video where a guy was using the MXR DD-11 Dime Distortion Pedal with a bass and he said it was great. I plugged mine in and tried it on every setting and got nothing but horrible hum and horrible sound when it was turned up past two lol. But the TC Electronics Dark Matter Distortion Pedal sounds great and adds a bit of blues to the distortion sound. Then my blues drive pedal, compressor pedal, Boss NS-2 noise reduction pedal and EQ pedal work fine with my bass so that's good lol. I just scored the full size TC Electronics Vortex Flanger Pedal off of fleaBay for $65.10 including shipping and it is in mint condition. Super stoked about winning the full size Vortex Flanger. Now I need a chorus pedal, wah/vol pedal, delay and reverb for the mix. Thanks again for your help. I will check in to the Boss MS-3. Looks like a good piece of gear to use.
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  18. image. image.
    I won the full size TC Electronics Vortex Flanger this evening off of fleaBay for $56.00 and it's in mint condition. Cost me $65.10 with shipping. Seriously stoked about winning that auction and can't wait to receive it. Thanks again for the suggestion on a great pedal. Much appreciated! Have a great night!
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  19. jaymelewis


    Jan 6, 2010
    Fillmore, CA
    The bass big muff was my first pedal too. Brings back warm memories :)
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  20. IMG_9178.PNG
    jaymelewis that is awesome! I really love this Bass Big Muff pedal too. The thing is a fuzz monster from hell lol. I started learning anesthesia pulling teeth more now that I got this pedal. The darn thing should come with the tablature for it in the box since half the people who buy it are probably using it for that song lmao.

    I have been getting pretty lucky on fleaBay recently but have let some stuff slip by me that we're selling pretty cheap with no bidders. But today I won a Morley Dual Bass Wah pedal for $21.00 plus $18.00 shipping. A little high on the shipping but it's getting shipped priority mail. The only thing wrong with it is some sticky glue on the bottom base from Velcro that was on it. A little degreaser on a rag will take that right off. Other than that it's in mint condition with no scratches.

    I was going to go with a bass multi effects pedal but can not find one that I like all the sounds that I want in it. So I decided to just build a pedal chain with pedals that I like. I really like the TCE pedals with the Tone Print option that can make the pedal sound like numerous pedals with the same effect. I lost a TCE Corona Chorus pedal today by $1.00 on the bid. I knew in my head that it was going to be a big last bid since it was selling for such a cheap amount because only 3 people were bidding on it and should have went up to $7.00 on the last bid because I still would have gotten it for only $32.00 with $6.99 shipping. I am still kicking myself in the butt over losing that one.

    My next pedal after the chorus is going to be a good analog or digital delay. Still have to decide on which type and if I need to get one that says it's for a bass or both guitar and bass. Those are not that expensive which is a good thing lol. I also need to find a good reverb pedal. Do you have any suggestions on a good delay and reverb pedal for a bass please. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again and have a great night.