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  1. mickeytoc2me333

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    Jan 4, 2009

    I purchased a pickgaurd from and I want to make it fit the bass I own. The problem is I don't know what tool to use. My friend is a jeweler and owns a ring saw and a dremmel and is willing to try it but neither of us want to ruin the pickgaurd as it was not cheap.

    I recently read where someone used a band saw and another used a dremmel. I know this require some kind of saw as I have to make two notches around the pickups.

    Anyone out there who can help me with this? This is a Hofner Violin Bass pickgaurd that I am trying to fit on my Rogue Violin Bass.


  2. I can't see any issues with a Dremel & an appropriate bit, & wouldn't think twice about using it to cut a plastic pickguard. No experience though.
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    Jan 10, 2008
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    I've cut pickguards for all sorts of different basses, and I use a band saw with very small teeth, a file, and sandpaper.
  4. mickeytoc2me333

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    Jan 4, 2009
    Thanks Guys!
  5. mickeytoc2me333

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    Jan 4, 2009
    Hi Fella's,

    On this same bass (Rogue) I ordered a Hofner Pearloid switch plate cover and new Hofner tea cup knobs. I took off the existing switch plate cover and it is all wired up to this plate, therefore I can not replace the existing plate with the new one unless I get the copper piece that all the wires are connected to off the existing plate and glue on the new one.

    How to go about this? Or... should I take it to a bass guitar repair guy to do the job? I don't want to get myself into a heap of trouble here and ruin everything just to have a more Beatle looking bass.

    Thanks Guys,

  6. Got you in the new thread. Thread might get bumped to Pickups & Electronics.
  7. Pilgrim

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    I'm not clear on what your situation is - I have the Rogue VB-100 and the switch plate is already pearloid, matching the pickguard.

    However - if your replacement needs a copper sheet underneath it, just buy some thin copper sheet material at a craft store and cut it to fit the switch plate. You could use a couple of dabs of contact cement between it and the switch plate if you wish.

    I may not be understanding correctly - do you have any pictures to post? Photobucket.com is free, and it's easy to use.
  8. mickeytoc2me333

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    Jan 4, 2009
    Hi Pilgrim,

    I bought a Rogue Bass off a guy and when it came to my home it did not have a pickgaurd. He took it off and does not remember what he did with it. I tried to find a replacement Rogue pickgaurd and none to be found, so I ordered a Hofner pickgaurd which will need reshaped to fit the Rogue. In addition, I bought a Hofner switch plate to match the pickgaurd.

    When I went to replace that the wires were connected to the underside of the switch plate which had a copper plate connected to the pearloid plate so I did not want to tamper with it.

    I will have to reopen it back up and try to send a few pics to show exactly what I am talking about.

    Thanks for the response!