Pickguard for a Marcus Miller Fender..

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  1. rob_d

    rob_d Guest

    Jun 14, 2001
    Hi all,
    Is it possible..and what's the best way to go about getting a replacement pickguard for a Marcus Miller jazz bass. The pick guard definately has a unique shape to it and it ain't one you can just pick up at the store. Mine has somehow developed a crack in it. Must I contact Fender directly? Any ideas? thanks.
  2. Player


    Dec 27, 1999
    USA Cincinnati, OH
    You could just get a blank and cut your own.
  3. Jeannies Pickguards has what you want or they can make anything you can imagine. Do a search for the URL - I'm at work and don't have my lists available on this computer.
  4. Muttluk

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    Jan 19, 2000
    Oakland, California
    Just a quick question about the routeing on the Marcus miller... How big is it? do you have a digital camera or some pictures of it without the pickgaurd. I've always wondered how big of a cavity they made for it.
  5. jasonbraatz

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    Oct 18, 2000
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