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Pickguard wanted, help me!!

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by J. Martinez, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Hello, I´ve just dicovered this fantastic forum and I couldn´t resist to log in.

    My name is Josué Martinez, I´m 29, and I come from Cartagena, a City in the southern coast of Spain.

    In first place, I want to apologize to all of you, english is not my usual language, I´m learning more and more everyday, but you know, never is enough.
    So, please, excuse me if sometimes I don´t write good english.And I´ll thank you so much if you tell me when I make some mistake.

    I am the very proud owner of a Musicman Stingray. I really love my bass, I had many basses before, but this is special for me, for it´s powerful sound and playability.

    Two days before, I was cheking old musicman basses pictures, and I saw an early model called "Musicman Sabre", wich I´m sure many of you already know it.

    Well, I just got shocked when I saw that cool pickguard!! It´s amazing how the bass looks just with a small change like that.

    So, my question is, does anyone of you know about any company or luthier where I can order a pickguard like that?

    I guess it will not be easy, it should be a customised pickguard, ´cause I don´t think that they still make them normally, that bass is not available now (I think), and the original "Sabre" bass had 2 pickups, while my modern Stingray has just one.
    To make it a little bit harder, my bass is a lefthander model.

    So, can you help me??
    Thanks so much.
  2. herndonbassist

    herndonbassist Low Down Thumper Supporting Member

    Apr 7, 2005
    Herndon, VA - NoVa
    First off, I agree that the pickguards on the Sabre's are awesome. I would recommend sending an email to Jeannie's Pickguards describing exactly what you want. For reference here are the 2 pics that I found online. The only trouble that I think you might have would be with the control plate, but again, I think that Jeannie's should be able to help you out. What you'll probably need to do is come up with a tracing and send it off. Realize too with this that the body shapes are a little different, with the Sabre being more like a Fender P body.

    Let us know how the project turns out!

    81sabrebass. & 134-MMSting4LH.
  3. eleonn


    Aug 24, 2006
    Lima - Perú
    Hello Josué. ¿Qué tal todo en la madre patria? ;)

    Welcome to the forum. Dont worry about your english. Mine is awful and the guys here have no problem (hope so) helping me everytime Ive needed to. En realidad deberías de ver que tan malo es mi inglés.

    About the pickguard. Maybe you should do it yourself. I found once a store on Barcelona and Madrid which use to sell pickguard material so you should be able do to it by yourself. Of course it would be better is you do a few templates with paper of something like this so you can check how everything is gonna fit.
  4. Thank you sooo much, Robert UI, I´ve phoned "Jeannie´s Pickguards", been speaking to Roger and explaining what I´d like. They told me that there´s no problem at all about making an special custom pickguard for me.
    It´s gonna be a little expensive, but I think it´s worth.

    Thank you so much again!!:hyper: I´ll post some pictures when it´s finished!!

    - Eleonn, thank you so much for your advice, but I´m very lazy and not too good at that kind of jobs, If I try to make a pickguard, maybe it would take me a year to get a horrible thing in the end. :bawl:
    Todo bien por España,(mas o menos, la economia la tenemos un tanto revuelta) un abrazo.

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