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  1. i was just wondering a few things about pickguards.com. I need a custom pickguard and i saw that they can do that. Does anyone know how long it takes? Does anyone know about how much it would cost?

    BTW i have a four string Peavey milestone II p-bass

  2. Hi:
    I inquired w/ this business but never followed thru. I emailed them and they said to mail them either the original pickguard, or a drawing of the custom pickguard and they would quote me a price.
    I followed thru and sent them a thin cardboard tracing (I have a Dingwall w/ slanted pickups). They contacted me and said that the tracing cost was $60 or 80, and that the cost for the pickguard was dependent on the material. (I was looking at black pearliod) and that was going to be another $25-40.
    So I have no idea about their product, but they were very responsive to emails and phone calls
    Not sure this helps