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  1. *edit* more prices lowered - make offers, especially if you want to put together a package. I'd like to move some of this stuff. Also looking for a cast off passive p-bass pickup, condition not important. other trades considered.

    Feel free to make offers. Some prices lowered.

    *Jazz pickguard - WBW, some wear, not bad. *hold*
    *I have a new tortoise Jazz reissue pickguard still in the Fender package. I'd like to trade it for a beat up one and $10.00. I want it for a 'relic' project. A new one just won't do.
    $25.00 for cash sale
    *Also have a P-bass tort pickguard. It's been used very little while on my bass, but the guy I got it from tried to take some of the gloss off of it with steel wool. Same deal here, I want to do a trade for a BWB + $10, condition not so important. It doesn't have to be a real Fender either, as long as it fits a P.
    $25 cash sale
    *Fender bridge - 4 str. chrome, USA?, with screws $12.00
    *4str. bridge, chrome. 7 holes on the baseplate, 5 in a Fender arrangement plus two on the front corners. with screws. $10.00

    *Old vintagey looking DiMarzio p-bass pickup. Creme color. It's not mint, but it sounds lovely. this is the one with the brass shielding plate that goes at the bottom of the rout. $35.00
    *Ibanez Active "AFR" p-bass pickup. no screws. $10.00

    *Matched pair of Sovtek NIB tubes. Originally purchased in '93 as a backup set, never installed. $20.00
    *Four 5881/6L6GC tubes. They're not a matched set, but all are Sovtek made. One is branded "Fender". $25.00
    *Jazz style ashtray and neck pickup cover. From an '70s budget jazz copy, they may not have the standard Fender screw hole spacing. Very good condition, I took them off the bass soon after I got it (1977). $15.00
    *Speaker cord. about 25'. $10.00

    So let me know what you'd like. Shipping extra, though I'll use the post office so it should be <$5.00. package deals encouraged. Offers considered. I can dig up some pix of some of these items, I'll try to get hold of a camera for the rest.

    Much lowness to all,
  2. Scott D

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    Dude, i'll take the ashtrays off you. I'm pretty local too. I'd also like to buy the brown tort pickguard-hows $35 sound for the trays + guard?

    Scott D.
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    still got that wbw j-bass pickgd??? If you still have it on the 26th, i'll get it.
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    Hey, what does that distortion pedal sound like? Does it cut low end?
  9. It sounds, well, distorted! :eek:

    Seriously, it has what I would describe as a metal crunch, and I don't use it much, mostly when I do chords, so I can't really comment on the how much it cuts the low end. It's really a guitar pedal, but for the money how can you go wrong? :)
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