Pickup (and other) suggestions for a LEFTY DIY bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Bob Rogers, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. Bob Rogers

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    Feb 26, 2005
    Blacksburg, Virginia
    Relevant facts about me: I am left handed. I play folk/Americana that occasionally morphs into Southern Rock or Country as Americana has a tendency to do. I have P-basses that I love, but also a couple of Hofners that I kind of like the thumpy, woody sound of, but don't like the short scale and narrow string spacing. I would have bought a Jack Casady Epiphone years ago, but no lefty love. I have built several solid-body parts guitars and refinished basses.

    So, looking at this kit.
    DIY Electric Bass Guitar Kit - Semi Hollow Left Hand Bass
    1. Any experience with these kits?
    2. I am assuming (given the price) that the hardware is junk. I welcome any suggestions, but I'm particularly interested in pickup suggestions. I'm completely open on this. I had a Gibson EB-3 Slothead in 1973. (It had so many dead spots on the neck I named it after an ex-girlfriend.) So I'm not searching for vintage authenticity. (The pickup placement takes authenticity out of the equation, but looks like it might be similar to the Hofner (upper) or the Casady (lower).)
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  2. GIBrat51

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    Epi EA-260 Bass 2.jpg Broadkaster.JPG I'd agree that the kit's hardware is probably.. less that top shelf.. stuff. But, as for the pickups? I don't know that I'd be too quick to replace them without giving them a chance. Sometimes, no-name pick ups can surprise you. The ones in my Matsumoku-made '71 Epiphone EA-260, for example. Not at all an expensive bass when new, but even after all these years? Nothing wrong with the pick ups. The Epi will still hold it's own with most hollow body basses, IMO. However... if I just had to suggest some better pick ups? For a semi/hollow body bass, I don't think anything would beat some TV Jones Thundertrons or Thunderblades. Which, if I ever get off my lazy butt, are what's going in my '94 Gretsch Broadkaster. 'Cause, frankly, the stock ceramic magnet Filtertrons, while highly desirable - if you're a Gretsch guitar twang fanatic, totally suck when they're in a bass...:cool:
  3. Bob Rogers

    Bob Rogers Left is Right

    Feb 26, 2005
    Blacksburg, Virginia
    That's probably good advice, but it is an f-hole guitar, and (as you obviously know) swapping pickups is a pain.