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    Sep 21, 2004
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    Here's the pickup covers from pickguard pictorial that I promised on my multicoil pictorial thread.
    First I make a plug sized exactly the inside of the pickup. I like to use maple as it has even surface that leaves no marks on the plastic.


    Then I cut an oversized strip of pickguard plastic. I heat the strip where it bends and use maple blocks to help making sharp corners. I join the strip on the lower edge of the pickup so that it is not visible when looked at playing position. I use CA for gluing.


    After the glue has dried I sand the top face of the cover flat. The top is glued on, I use the inside plug to make sure the shape of the pickup cover remains correct while the glue dries.


    I use bearing bit to trim the top to the sides and wet sand the sides with 400 grit paper.


    Then it's time to put the pickups inside the covers, cast the covers with epoxy or urethane and drill mounting holes.
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