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  1. thetaurus


    May 28, 2002
    Muncy, PA
    i just did a search on this, and i've ready the bp shootout also. i still have some questions though. i'm looking to replace the pickups in my mia jazz. i'll be using it with an ampeg svp pro, qsc power amp, and an ampeg svt 810e. i was thinking about the dimarzio ultra jazz, but now i'm thinking they would be better for a slap tone. i play in two really loud rock bands, and i play with a pick. so i need alot of bottom, and i need to be able to cut through. so then i started thinking about the dimarzio model j's. but are they geared more towards fretless? i also don't know what i think about the adjustable pole pieces. we're really active when we play, and i play kinda hard, so i wouldn't want to take chances with them loosening up and falling out. anyone think this is a possibility? i was also thinking about the basslines hot jazz. i don't really need them to be humbucking, because i just open up both pickups, and i'm not doing the series/parallel thing. i'm just gonna wire it up the same as it is now. the thing with the basslines is this: the seymour duncan catalog i have has them rated at 4/6/4 (low/mid/high), while i've heard other people say they're 6/6/4. what's more accurate?

    what are your recommendations on this?