Pickup for electrified gutbucket?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by wreckloose, Jul 25, 2021.

  1. wreckloose


    Jul 25, 2021
    Im finally doing the whamola build thats been in the back off my head for a few years. Ive played the gutbucket for a decade before claypool came along and always wanted to hook an amp up (back to that at the end). The probs is I have never even picked up any string insturment outside beating up an old washtub with 1/2" hemp cordage. im not a shaging idiot though, Ive been studying all day and it aint exactly brain surgery. I want to wrap my own pickup but the only tutorials I can find are for four strings. i been watching homebuilt string instruments all day and i was never aware how shaging cool they are.
    I found this at an online vendor for 6 bucks at the cigarbox store: "a four-pole single-coil enclosed pickup. This pickup has two leads (red=positive and black=negative), as well as black mounting screws. These can be used either in a standard four-string bass, or in a 3 or 4-string cigar box guitar. The enclosed design helps disguise any pole/string line-up mismatches, which makes for a much classier look. These pickups are rated at 7.75kOhms of resistance."
    Should i get this instead? what about a humbucker or one of the other styles available seem to be better quality? Can somebody dazzle the rest of us with their vast range of technical knowlegde and elaborate on pickups? I would rather build my own with transparent casing but i dont know how and since this is only a one time thing im not gonna go get a bunch of specialty tools or build a sewing machine wire wrapper with count meter, so if its too involved i will buy the premade one. I want this thing to sound like satan vomiting up red hot nails and broken glass with distortion. If anybody seeing this can offer some assistance thatd be awesome, tyna... i was going to include a second question about electrifying a traditional butbucket but im just going to make it a second thread... some of us got short attn spans lol, I never been to this site before but it seems very similar to some of the mushroom growing forums I haunt, content is the only thing dif