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  1. the low one

    the low one

    Feb 21, 2002
    Sorry if this is a silly question but should the pickup height on a fretless Jazz be lower than a fretted Jazz? The strings are lower on a fretless so I’m guessing the pickups should be too?

    The Fender website shows basic pickup height information but I presume this is for fretted:
    Fender® Support
  2. The pickups should be set wherever they sound best. There is no rule. There are, however, some guidelines to use as a starting point. The best way to go about is to tweak the heights until you're happy with them.
  3. the low one

    the low one

    Feb 21, 2002

    Sorry, I do realize this is a silly question as the answer is quite obvious.

    Yes I appreciate it is personal choice but reading into this further pickups do seems to have an optimum height. Too close the overtones can come into play, too far away and the signal will be weaker.

    Generally, because the strings are lower on a fretless the pickups will be lower to maintain the same distance between the string and pickup.
  4. Like I said, use your ears. Eyeball the distance between the pole pieces and strings, then fine tune it until you get the best tone and balance.
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