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    ok, i have a fender p-bass that has been heavily modded. it has a bart pup in the p position, and a seymour duncan basslines added in the j position. i like the sound of both, but the duncan is way lower in output, so its a pain in the ass. I think i need to go with a matched set. now the question. barts or duncans. opinions? I'm thinking all duncans. it seems like a duncan might be a little more midrangy and agressive, but Im not sure... TIA.
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    Sounds like a job for... the Pickups forum! Moved.
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    Jun 28, 2003
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    I once did this but it was a temporary fix for a weak pickup, I taped a few small flat magnets under my pickup and it was alot louder. I don't think the little magnets underneath will do any damage to your pickup, so u could try it.
  4. I'm guessing you've already had a go at changing the heights of the pickups to correct the problem. If you haven't give it a go, raise the Duncan, lower Bart. If you have them at the same height, the Bart will be louder as the strings are moving over a larger distance, so the output by the pickup will be stronger than where the strings don't move as far. (At least thats my understanding on the matter, if I'm wrong I'd like to know).

    Failing that, wouldn't it be possible to reduce the signal from the Bart, so that it matches that of the Duncan. I'm thinking along the lines of temporarily wiring in a pot then fiddling around till you have the right value down. Then test the resistance and wire in a resistor of appropriate value.

    Unfortuneatly you'd be limiting the Bart, not boosting the Duncan, which sucks cause you'll have to boost your signal down the line.

    Josh D