Pickup Identification and Possible Replacement

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  1. Hello folks, I'm hoping I can get schooled here a little bit! lol My buddy has a bass with this thing in it. It's inlayed into a wood cover and ya cant see to top of the pickup. he's unhappy with the sound and it rattles too. You guys know yer stuff and I'm hoping someone can tell me what this pup is and maybe recommend upgrades that may fit this (if I can get it out without destroying the wood).

    bass pickup.jpg

    Thanks ya'll
    … now ill google JTA4-BK
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    Not being familiar with it, and not seeing enough of the instrument itself, I'm wondering if you want to address this question here in the double bass (TB/DB) section, or if you want to address it in the bass guitar (TB/BG) section.

    The pickup itself looks like it's horribly hot-glued in, which means it will probably have to be carved off in one way or another. And the loose springs probably don't help at all with the perceived rattle.

    P.S. Looks like this is what it is:

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  4. Thanks dhergert!
    my bud got this bass from a builder in Tennessee and wants a better pickup in it and set up... just hoping to learn sumfin lol I’m better at guitars!
    A7632288-C29E-4778-8AE6-354FBD67F178.jpeg 791DE7D1-A349-4992-9D1B-F836A9E330BD.jpeg D4E1D29A-5A9D-4780-B4F5-F5A2AD72B3E6.jpeg D4884FEC-5F43-4693-92A9-E840A38EEE62.jpeg
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    Wow. I like the look!

    I'm way out of my realm with this though. I'd bet you'd get a lot of good responses in the DB/BG section.
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  6. thanks for the recommendation and the mod who moved this thread lol :)
  7. Anyone know of any good pickup upgrades that may fit that ones footprint? Thanks
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    Delano makes a dual J like that.
    MEC used to as well, but was fully active.

    You can customize sets of J pickups to fit that if you feel bold enough to cut the pickup ears off of them.

    Hot glue is pretty easy to remove, for what it’s worth. You can soften it with a hair dryer and peel it off.
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    Keep an eye out for a Schaller Double J. Those are the pickups that Kramer used in their post aluminum neck hey day. Good pickups that can be switch for series/split/parallel.
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    I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure an EMG35-shaped pickup would fit in there. That opens up a lot of options for replacements - most pickup makers offer many different pickup models/designs in that size. Nordstrand alone offers single coils, split coils, stacked coils, sidewinders, and dual coils…