pickup magnet mis-alignment ?

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  1. jlsbass


    Aug 8, 2003
    Hi, (sorry bout the double posting ... no replies in the PICKUP forum ... )

    I have a Fender Sting bass with the single coil '54 style pickup ... here's my problem ...

    The strings don't seem to align very well with the individual magnets on the pickup - its the most off on the low E and A strings ... the E being almost completely off the magnet center. I've tried adjusting the bridge to compensate but to no avail.

    Is this something that I should be overly concerned with ? ie Is this par for the course?
    I was thinking about unscrewing the pickup from the wood and moving it over a tad ... then re-screwing the pickup (into new wholes) .

    btw - can individual pickup magnet poles be raised and lowered ?

    thanks so much in advance,
  2. There isn't too much to be concerned with here. Ater all, the bass plays and it passed whatever factory inspection it had. If you REALLY want to, you could move the pup, but if the spacing isn't perfect, it will still be off just a little.