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Pickup Problems aka Virgin to modding

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Hutzbordello, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. So I have an Ex-104 :hyper:

    :help:and Im new to the whole soapbar pickup system:help:

    Idk Ive always wanted to try out the MM sound, but Idk if their pickups would fit in my pickup...slots? *dunno the term*:ninja:

    Also peoples opinion for the best soapbar pups under $200:confused:

    Ive heard the name Blackouts be thrown around:ninja:

    Thanks in advance for all the help guys
  2. The soapbar package is perhaps the most versatile of all pickup designs, as it can house single coils, humbuckers, split coils, triple and quad coils, narrow apertures, wide apertures, etc...

    You didn't give us any parameters as to what you were looking for.
    Did you want single coils? Humbuckers?
    What kind of tonality?

    Also, there can be a great deal of size variations amongst various soapbar pickups.
    What are the dimensions of your pickup cavities?
  3. ........................+1............

    didnt know there was so much to this stuff

    i guess im looking for that MM tone with the br00tal-ness of the Blackout

    also I have no idea of the dimensions of the cavities, or even how to obtain that knowledge

    as far as the coil system goes I dont really know the difference between the tones of the different coil selections, I really only know a broad generalization of the tone Im looking for but not how to achieve it

    What I play runs the gammet From Metal to Funk to Punk to Regeaa so Idk even know yet

    SO versatility would be key, Growly Lows, Clean highs, uh..........mids.........

    yea basically it seems like i want the growl of a Tbird with the MM tone, kinda sounds really hard to do with a $200 dollar budget on pups and my lack of information to give you but um

    tell me what you think?
  4. But you said you had only "heard the name Blackouts be thrown around". How would you know what they sound like to say that that's the tone you want?

    Sorry, I don't have any suggestions on pickups.
  5. well i assume ive heard it so much that its a good thing , also, i dont know many pickups.....but yea it seems like jsut branding now that you mention it to me

    would you have any suggestions so that i know what to idk, how to describe the tone im looking for more?
  6. "That is epic!"

    ha thanks

    seems to fit the M3 Soapbar description

    same length and width

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