Pickup ring screws for a 66 hofner club bass!

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    Dec 24, 2010
    hi all,

    i have been tooling on my first bass/my father’s old bass...its an old hofner 500/2 that he refinished waay back in the 70s. I played it as a kid despite having three strings and a two missing tuning buttons. I eventually got a re-pop set of tuners from hofner, and a labella set for it and a few years later the electronics became basically unusable. So I decided to rewire it, but was not wild about the stock control’s function. Now it is wired with independent volumes, the red switch (solo/rhythm) is now a kill switch, the bass on/treb on switches select between .015 and .047 tone caps for each respective pickup....it took a little while to figure out how to make it go- but does it ever!

    my dilemma presently is that the pickup ring mounting screws were so chewed up from rust that only two of them are still usable (i was amazed i was able to get them all out to address the wiring issues). I tried standard humbucker ring screws, but they are too big in diameter. The shaft of the original screws measures 2mm and the total length is 14mm...glancing at mcmaster it seems like the smallest wood screw they offer is a #4 which i know is too large. I emailed hofner about this, but since they dont seem to use this type of ring anymore i suspect i may not get an answer....any ideas? I suspect this may be an m2 wood screw...but living in an sae country that seems to be an elusive size!

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  2. el_crawfordo


    Dec 24, 2010
    I think I have answered my own question. Found some 2mmx18mm mij humbucker ring screws that should fit the bill. If anyone would like the to wire their hofner the way this one is I can draw up a diagram.