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Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Dean_CustomJazz, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. Dean_CustomJazz

    Dean_CustomJazz Guest

    Jan 23, 2002
    I was wondering what would sound good, and fit in
    This bass:
    [​IMG] [/IMG]
    It's a brice HXB-406, according to ebay, the route sizes are 4" x 1.5" I'm looking for a rounded, but clear defined tone, also good for slap
  2. Matt R Miller

    Matt R Miller

    Apr 27, 2003
    try the emg extended series
  3. Thats strange it seems like the string would be really close together with a 6 string within 4" my 5 string has a 4x1.5 and there only a 16 mm spacing.

    Well, whatever, yeah EMG makes pickups that size but right now im trying to find the size of barts to but in my 5 string.