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  1. What Ohm setting on this multimeter would you use to test bass pickups?

    If it's a pickup with just two wires (say black and white for example) I can get a reading off some pickups but not others no matter what the setting is.

    Next Question:-

    A pickup that has four wires:- how do you test these?

    I can't get any readings at all for pickups with four wires.

  2. Killed_by_Death

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    On that meter I'd use 200k
    Check the value from each lead to every other lead & record your results.
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    If a pickup has 4 wires it has 2 coils. each coil should read near the same resistance. If each coil is 4K wiring in series is 8K and parallel is 2K
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  4. Thanks. Wouldn't happen to know what's going on with three-wire pickups would you? I have some of those too..
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    3 wires just means that the two coils are already connected:

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