Pickup wiring idea/question

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  1. My bass has 2 bassline MM pickups in it. I was wondering if I flipped my bridged pickup 180 degrees and then swapped the + & - wires (basically the pickup magnetics would be opposite one another but they would still be wired "in phase" w/each other) would that help/cure the noise issue when the coils are split? What would the tonal repercussions be?
  2. tabdog


    Feb 9, 2011
    I would think it would make it sound weak
    when both pickups are used and probably
    no help with noise. Might even be worse.

    Reversing the wires is what may cause

    But, I don't know what you got exactly.
    I could be wrong,

  3. MM pickups don't tap. But they do split, which is what I'm assuming you were referring to?

    It's best to split to either the outer or the inner pair of coils. That way you are always using RWRP pairs.