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  1. Hello,
    This might be my ignorance showing but from my limited experience of wiring and such I've come across a few pickups and they all were wired around the pole pieces in a circular motion, and (if my understanding is correct) jazz pickups are like that and precision pickups have the e and a side wound like that and the d and g side reverse to cancel to hum, so would there be any standing on winding the wire snaking between the pole pieces (like an 8)? Has this been done before or would it simply not work? I'm sorry if this is an ignorant post, most of the information I've found about winding pickups is fairly basic or wicked complicated.
    Thanks for your time and any/all input is appreciated!
  2. I can't think of any way to wind such a thing, unless you used a robotic winder. In any case, you won't be able to fit many turns of wire on the pickup anyways.
  3. So would the main problem be the space or is there some technical problem?
  4. It's physically not possible to wind a pickup that way, unless you want to get a robotic winder, or do it by hand. That would would profoundly expensive, or profoundly time-consuming, respectively.

    And space is an issue.
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    That's an interesting idea. I would bet that idea was tried in the early days of pickup manufacturing...just like winding wire over each magnet (pole) individually. For magnetic consistency across the pickup's magnetic field, the windings of wire should be consistent. A "figure eight" around each pole might cause cancelling because of all the intersections between magnets. The whole point of the pickup is to "sense" the vibrating string across the magnetic field. Making the magnetic field more complicated might introduce Noise and reduced volume. Just my 2 cents. Try it out and see...