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Pickups for a maple body

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by sbakker, May 9, 2005.

  1. Hey everybody!

    I am busy making a bass with an all maple body and a jazzbass maple/rosewood neck. After two night of searching this forum i can't find the right answers/suggestions for a pickups config... :meh:

    Knowing that the body is maple it's has a bright sound and a lots of sustain. I was thinking about a Seymour Duncan P/J setup (quarterpound p and a classic stack j) I had an Duncan QP in my Precision bass and i liked alot but that body was alder. Maybe an EMG P/J setup will do the trick? It works for Spector basses..

    I want a strong punching basssound with good lows ala GNR, Megadeth, :bassist:


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  2. Try Bartolini Jazz pickups......

    Kubickis are maple body's, 2 humbuckers sound incredible....

    EMG's, in my experience mostly sound quite muddy, they sound good, but still muddy....id try bartolinis, maybe even just some no-name cheapo's off ebay, i have a bastard p-bass which has a laminate body of two woods which i dont have any clue, a samick maple/rosewood neck and 2 p bass pickups which i paid $3 for

    theres some clips of my kubicki and my p bass, the p bass ones are the ones that say p bass, all others are kubicki

  3. Bartolini Jazz pickups i already have in my fretless bass, like it very much because it sounds very smooth and deep :D but i miss some bite/aggression. I know the duncan qp is very aggressive pickup but i am worried about the lows/mid with the maple body :(
  4. god dont worry about the lows with a maple body, maple bodys...in my experience, have a deep yet tight low end thats incredible, but doesnt miss out on the highs, mids are just perfect..

    if ya listen to any tracks of mine, listen to the groove man, thats kubucki tone, 1 peice maple body with the pickups centered except for the slap parts which were neck pickup soloed, ebony fingerboard as well
  5. Pickebass

    Pickebass Supporting Member

    Jul 12, 2004
    San Antonio, TX
    +1 on the Barts... They are a little darker and can help tame the bite from the all maple body a little. With my freless Jazz I have EMGs which sound great because they are smooth and hi-fi. You might want to check into Aero's or nordstrands.. Aggressive, with bite
  6. to heath_the_great: Like the soundclips but that is not the sound i am looking for

    to pickebass: Barts pickups are above my budget :bawl: me liked the jazzpickups but i wanna p/j cause i'm a real P-bass sucker! and whatabout the Aero's or nordstrands pickups, i dont know any European shop who sells them :rolleyes:

    Nobody played a maple bass with Seymour Duncan QP ? :bag:

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