PIckups on a G3..

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  1. yes I'm back again :p

    OK here we go: I'm looking basically for a set of pups in a p-bass config., with the same properties - i.e. sound, single coils, arent they?? - as a gibson grabber 3.. any ideas?

    Cheers! :D
  2. Hey Microbass. I used to own a Gibson G-3 a long time ago. I believe the pickup options were: Neck & middle, all 3 or middle & bridge. It was a very smooth and balanced sounding bass, but, not a Mr. Punchy. Also, I remember quite well that the pickups were blade designs and this probably contributed to the smooth rather than punchy tones. I also remember that the pups were clear; you could see all the wires. The only manufacturer I can think of that makes pups with a blade design is Bartolini, but, the ones I'm thinking of are Jazz models. I think almost all P-bass style pups are designed for a percussive type sound. I could be wrong. Check out the DiMarzio, Seymour D. and Bartolini sites.

    Good hunting.

    Mike J.



  3. Thanks man!

    I'd love to get a G3, I lvoe it's sound & looks!

    I'm thinking that I may need pups if I can't get a bass... :(