No longer available Pickups, pickguards, tuning machines, bridge, covers

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  1. ArteK

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    United States
    NOTE: The remaining parts are not worth selling with the shipping charges included, so I'm terminating this sale.

    If you're interested in the American Standard Jazz pickups, I could make an exception. Message me separately.


    • Black/white/black Precision bass pick guard $35
    • White Pearloid/black/white Jazz bass pick guard $25
    • Fender American Standard Jazz pickup set $75
    Tuning machines
    • Gotoh SG-381 6-in-line guitar tuners, bought new, never installed $35
    Bridge/pickup covers
    • Fender bridge and pickup cover set (big F on bridge cover, no screws) $30
    • Fender Telecaster/Sting Precision pickup cover $10


    • Brown tort pick guard (Telecaster/Sting Precision) $35
    • Lollar Jazz pickup set (bought new, never installed) $140
    • Brown tort Precision bass pick guard $35
    • Fender modern American hi-mass string-through-body-capable bridge (3-hole newer installation, not 5-hole older installation) $40
    • Hipshot D-tuner bass tuning machine (“lollipop” Fender style) $40

    FCC887B9-EC4F-4AB4-A48F-D105020C5BB8.jpeg C836F624-BC16-4523-BD60-26455D237D3A.jpeg EE0050D1-C4B2-4AC6-91AA-61BC3087FAF4.jpeg 91773836-A0C9-4BA5-A72B-919E00313A37.jpeg B1EC21FB-A672-498C-94AE-1F4CE343D568.jpeg 127AC503-E2E8-4374-9EF4-3E44D0EB566A.jpeg

    More pictures to come (got hung uploading them; see first response).
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  2. ArteK

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    03E2F041-FA52-4AC4-875B-67EE3A8DAB98.jpeg 7E8EA716-EE04-4EBA-AF80-921EA5D61C9F.jpeg 2280A42C-7257-4042-828A-5565008D97E1.jpeg B90A775C-D419-4709-B6E3-725C28183B5F.jpeg B1ABD94A-557D-443C-BFCF-91305849E4BC.jpeg FAB1B07E-CB11-493E-A758-DDA53C576A3E.jpeg 9CC36837-E6B7-4983-9EBD-8A1F3ADCF4CF.jpeg C65A532E-AA97-4C37-B627-37E681F25343.jpeg D9F0F0C0-C906-49BC-847B-573CCDA4D212.jpeg 66483846-3511-4FBE-A1A7-8A5AB6FCFC1B.jpeg 7878D09E-AFF8-4D86-BB8E-F22A62A7C0B5.jpeg A58E327C-98A6-49C4-ADCB-1E4598248BC2.jpeg

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  3. elgranluis


    Feb 14, 2003
    Vail, CO
    Is shipping included ?
  4. ArteK

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    I just realized I never said.

    I will cover shipping for the continental US.
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  5. mburd


    Aug 20, 2004
    howdy- interested in these items: will the bridge top-load as well? how's the fit/finish on the tort p-pickguard ?
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  6. ArteK

    ArteK Supporting Member

    The bridge can top load as well.

    The fit on the P pickguards is for a modern P. I bought them for a project I abandoned, so I haven’t tried installing them. I’m not at home right now, but later today I’ll try to lay them over my other P basses to see how they fit.
  7. mburd


    Aug 20, 2004
    ok, if the fit looks good (this is for a 2001 am std with the elongated truss rod access point) I'll take them both. TY