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  1. jerryoram


    Feb 7, 2001
    some basses have one double pickup and a single ,some have two doubles is there an advantage in either case..
  2. the double pick ups (P style)are usually humbuckers. They will give you a deeper low, cut mids, and usually cut highs that come with the properties of humbuckers. The single (J) series usually sound more open and are great for really articulate stuff. The P styles are great for Reggae, Punk or 80's metal.

    The only thing that I think is better about the P style pick ups is they usually quieter.

    Otherwise the questions is similar to the great debate over Strats or Les Pauls in the guitar world. They are simply 2 different beasts.

    One of the most popular configurations is P pickup near the neck, J near the bridge.
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