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  1. I made a post titled the "A Travesty" not to long ago about a Fender MIM Jazz Bass at the rec center out here in Balad. Here are the pics of the poor mistreated axe. Im trying to get them to sell it to me....but I don't think they will:crying: So going with the TB rule of no pics no bass, here are the pics. There is also a peavy bass, that I didn't get a chance to take a pic of....working on it. Missing two strings, and the bridge is clue how it happened...geez its so sad:bawl:
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  3. subscribed..also:cool:
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    cracked bridge thats a new one LOL.. How does one crack a bridge? hahahah
  5. I'm assuming some [email protected]$$ (there are lots here) was trying to show off and dropped it....who knows.....very sad though.

    Mike Shevlin is sending me some stuff, Im gonna work on the fender some more, such a beauty....and I want it to be nice for other bassers that come out here!
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    Whats to wrong with the bass shown?

    To prevent dropping the bass when showing off, install some washers at the straps and your bass with NEVER drop, no matter what you do. I am very energetic on stage with my 5 string Schecter, and those washers have saved my arse every gig!
  7. The Fender shown was in pretty bad shape before I got a hold of it. The neck was bowed so bad I could have shot an arrow from it, the E and G strings were resting on the pups, and the bridge was loose, with string tension I could wiggle the bridge. The strings were also in terrible condition. I fixed her up though, absolutely beautiful bass, and it sounds good with the new strings! The peavy is next....I'm trying to talk to the person in charge of the rec center to order a new bridge for it, and some new strings.
  8. Sweet, just put some Ernie Ball Super slinkies on it yesterday, and polished it up. Tuned it as best I could, it was really loud and I'm not super good at tuning by ear. Plays like a dream though.....*daydreams* will be mine...oh will be mine
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    A travesty in terms of the condition they were/are in. How's about if they wont sell the MIM to you, why not offer to teach care and handling as well as some simple bass lines to the kids? If you have the time, why not?
  10. I would be glad to show a few people how to play some simple stuff. No kids out here though, just irresponsible soldiers and airmen who I guess don't understand the value of what they are using. I have been talking with the TCN (third country national) who runs the rec center, and he told me he has been keeping a closer eye on the people who use it, which isn't that many with all the dust that was on it when first found it. Maybe I'm just being to cynical, but man I hate seeing such a nice instrument just being neglected and abused when its used.