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  1. Is anybody able to tab this amazing Roger Glover's (Deep Purple) bass solo?
    Of course I tried to do it myself but it's very hard! :confused:
    I found the second section, but the first (the chromatic(?) one) is almost impossible and all the tabs I found on the web (4 example: are WRONG! :bawl:

    Mods, I know I'm off-topic but I think that more people may reply my post here. :p

    Thank you all!
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    Ok, it's been at least a decade since I've even heard that solo, but as I recall the chromatic section is easy. It's done on the D and G strings. You always play the G string 2 frets higher than the D string. You start at 0 fret for D and 2nd fret for the G. You always alternate strings: the first triplet is DGD and the second triplet is GDG, third is DGD, etc. After each triplet, slide up one fret, so that the first triplet (DGD) is on frets 020, the second triplet (GDG) is on frets 313, the third triplet (again DGD) is on frets 242, the fourth triplet (GDG) on frets 535... etcetera.

    My explanation makes it sound a lot more complicated than it really is... :meh: Hope it helps anyway.
  4. Thanks Fuzz, but I'm sure that the scale starts from the B (2nd fret A string), and it isn't played only on two strings (in fact the last note is a Bb (15th fret, G string). :confused:

    However I e-mailed Roger Glover, I hope he can help me! :rolleyes:
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    this does not belong in the basses forum.

    putting something in the wrong forum to get more attention just serves to piss off the mods.

    don't make me angry. you wouldn't like me when i'm angry.

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    Post what you've tabbed so far. Not only does it show willing, but it's also bound to ensnare a few curious bassists who can't resist trying it out and then correcting your mistakes.

    Sorry I can't help any further - I haven't got a copy of the song to work from.

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    It's root-five on two strings going chromatically up from B-F# to E-B two octaves above it, which means you have to switch strings at some point unless you have a bass with extra frets. My '77 Ric does not.

    I make the root-switch from second to third string at D-A, playing an open string D, and just crawl up from there.