Piezo Passive Buffer?

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  1. I'm thinking of adding a piezo pup to a bass. The bass is already passive and I'd like to keep it that way. Is there a passive buffer anywhere that I can add to make the piezo and 2 passive pups friendly with one another?

    Any other suggestions in wiring a piezo and 2 single coil magnetic pups?


  2. The Wendler Electrocoustic bass has a passive magnetic/piezo system, but he won't tell you specifically how it's done. Check out their website.
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    I suppose it's possible, but my designs are based on three parameters...the "MagPi" system of course, plus the body lumber/carved shape, and most importantly to your question, the tall, quarter sawn maple bridge. I believe the less metal in the bass(or any instrument), the better.

    I know you'd be able to get some piezo buffering with just the magnetic pickups, but I doubt it would be enough; piezos by themselves don't satisfy me personally, but then those are just my ears.
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    Hey people,
    Here is my situation. I've got a Japaneese made PB62 body (Fujigen factory '85-86 golden age) to build fretless bass. When I got it I found that it was passive piezo eguiped bass. Now I have a beautiful 4 string passive fretless from 70s. And I'm checking now how can I finish this project with passive piezo. I appreciate if anyone can help me with it. BTW I think they used special wood (one piece I believe) for this piezo bass. It is defenitely not ash or alder, maple or mahogany.

    And thanks for all information I've got from this thread.


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