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    Jul 29, 2007
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    IMG_2222.JPG Anybody know how to install this? It works..that is to say when I tap on it, sound comes through the amp. Where (and how)do I put it on the bass though?
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  2. I think you got a bass guitar (piezo?) pickup. Size and spacing looks like it and I have never seen such a double bass pickup and I have seen a lot.

    If this is the only one you have and cannot get anything else, you might get some putty and stick it to the body. Different positions sound different. You should not seek for the loudest position, but for one with a nice sound and no (late) feedback. But it might not be work well that way.
    You can also clamp it to the bridge. The better contact the better it works. But since it was not made for that it might not work well either.

    Read the pickup threads in the double bass part of Talkbass to find a pickup and be prepared to try several of them until you might be satisfied. And for passive piezos you need a high impedance preamp to get a good sound. Take two weeks reading through the Talkbass pickup and amplification threads. It's all there.
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  3. Marc61

    Marc61 Supporting Member

    Jul 29, 2007
    Greater NY Area
  4. That pickup is crap. If you don't find any pictures of the pickup mounted to an instrument, forget it.
    I guess it should be installed between top and bridge feet, but is not wide enough for a double bass (maybe for cello), and if is too thick and the coating in black plastic has a bad influence on the acoustic and pickup sound.
    Maybe it could bad used on a cheap EUB with a solid body.

    If you want something cheap and useable look for a Shadow SH-951. Anything cheaper than that is crap or not worth the money.
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