SOLD Pike Amplification Vulcan

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  1. RichSnyder

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    Jun 19, 2003
    Excellent+ condition.

    Price shipped / PayPal'ed CONUS.

    The Vulcan is a bass overdrive that packs two discrete drive circuits into one package. The innovative color control provides a variable balance between a mid-forward, B-15-inspired overdrive and a higher-gain modern sound. The signal path is split after the first gain stage and sent to each overdrive circuit where the sound is clipped and sculpted individually and recombined at the output. The result is a versatile overdrive that adapts to any style. A broad range of tones can be accessed by using the tone knob on your bass in conjunction with the controls on the Vulcan.

    The Vulcan is housed in a compact enclosure and finished with a brushed anodized aluminum faceplate. It utilizes the proprietary Pike CMOS bypass switching system for reliable silent switching through a clickless stomp switch. It is designed to sound great at 9v DC, but can be powered with 18v for a cleaner sound with extra headroom.

    Built in Seattle, WA.

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    Sep 15, 2005
    Just got one of these and they kill! I have had many basd od's and distortion, fuzz and this Is my new fav. Glwts! These are worth the money.
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