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pin connections for output jack?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by MattyN, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. MattyN


    May 26, 2003
    Seattle, WA
    my SVT 3 has what Ampeg calls a "speakon jack" for playing at full output levels.

    the manual for the amp says "the pin connections for this jack are 1+ = positive, and 1- = negative."

    i have no idea what this means... anyone?
  2. Petebass


    Dec 22, 2002
    QLD Australia
    Speakon an alternative to 1/4 inch jacks or XLR connectors. Technically they're better for high wattage applications, plus they are unlikely to come out if the lead gets an accidental kick.

    It's got 4 pins available (+1, -1, +2 -2) but most wiring applications will only ever use 2. The wiring setup on your Ampeg is the "standard" wiring which is very similar to how a XLR or Jack would be wired. It it most likely that a speakon equiped speaker cab will also be wired this way.

    Some power amps let you bridge the 2 channels into one and this requires a slightly different wiring at the pins (+1 , +2 from memory). An XLR or jack connector wouldn't have let you do that. But this versitility means you also have to pay a bit of extra attention to how your speakons are wired.
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