Pink 5 string Jazz bass modification

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  1. I bought this Squier 5 string active deluxe bass (Black) a few months ago and loved it, sounds great and plays really well, fret board is a triple lane highway wide but is surprisingly comfortable! I've never really been into the black on black design, fit and finish on this was really good but still just isn't my thing. So i decided to paint it pink, and in a quick cheap way. A 4 dollar can of paint from Bunning's (hardware store in Aus). Looked really good after a few coats but I enjoy seeing the wear of a used instrument, didn't want to relic because it feels a little fake so i just made sure the paint was not to thick and the clear was only a single layer. It is a nice solid colour but it is already showing a little bit of wear which love it or hate it, i like! DSC01026.JPG DSC01028.JPG DSC01029.JPG I also found the full plain pink body a little bland so i decided to dig out some parts, a pickguard and control plate from an old jazz. I started with just aligning the control plate with the pots, convenient that it covered the hole for the little dip switch which i assumed was a mid cut or bass boost? (hated it, never used it). DSC01031.JPG Then the pickguard was pretty much ready to go, a little bit cut around the neck pocket because it was from a 4 string bass. DSC01032.JPG DSC01033.JPG DSC01037.JPG After it was all together i much preferred the look and think it gave it a much more classic look while still being different.

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  2. musicman666


    Sep 11, 2011
    Yeah!! I like it!! The tort pickguard looks fantastic on pink!
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  3. RobTheRiot


    Aug 31, 2016
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    Yeah, I never would’ve guessed tort on pink, but it actually looks great!

    Excellent job, def has a lot more personality now than it did originally!
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  4. ICM

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    That looks wicked!
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  5. Cool-Ass!
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  6. Slater

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    Apr 17, 2000
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    Do they have Pepto-Bismol in Australia? :D It looks cool! :cool:

    I had a pink Jackson Soloist (guitar) in the ‘80s. :bassist:
  7. I don't think we do, I am aware of the colour though! Ahahahahaha