Pink Floyd - The Final Cut

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  1. Just picked up this album today (along with Led Zeppelin III) and I didn't know what to think. Some of the themes and songs reminded me a lot of The Wall, which was kind of cool actually. It just doesn't sound like the dreamy Floyd that I'm used to, and I could definately hear the 80's influence coming in. Any opinions on it?
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    Apr 11, 2000
    Actually, there's a reason why The Final Cut sounds like The Wall - a lot of the album was actually originally intended to be on The Wall, but was left off. When Floyd began recording the new album, Waters suggested that most of the material be recycled, much to Gilmour's chagrin - "If it wasn't good enough then, why is it good enough now?" he argued, not too unreasonably.

    In my opinion, the Final Cut stuff sounds related to The Wall, but has a different mood - a sort of resigned melancholy, as opposed to The Wall's theatrical intensity. Of course, by then Waters had pretty much flipped, and Floyd were a completely different band to their sixties incarnation - as I'm sure you know, Richard Wright didn't even play on the album.

    Sorry if none of that makes sense, but I enjoy pretending to be a big music critic now and then. ;)
  3. Bassline, just keep listening to it and you will get used to it and love it. I didnt know what to think when I first heard it, I didnt know whether I really liked it or hated it, but once I got used to the weirder songs like 'Not Now John', the album really grew on me. Its definately one of the best written Pink Floyd albums. Songs like 'The Final Cut', 'Southampton Dock' and 'Your Possible Pasts' are great.
    Some say it's a continuation of "The Wall". True, because it has those familiar Waters themes - death, war, losing a father, nuclear holocaust.
    The album, while not the floyds greatest musical achievement, is probably Roger Waters' peak as a songwriter. Theres still some great muic though, like Gilmours solo's on 'Not Now John', 'Your Possible Pasts' and 'The Final Cut'.
    It isnt something that you'd listen to in the car, but it is a great album.

    I'd just like to add, Waters has said that he did write a trilogy of albums, those being the following:
    'The Wall', 'The Final Cut' and his solo album 'Amused To Death'. Anybody who likes 'The Wall' or 'The Final Cut' should definately check out 'Amused To Death', it is a great album, and easily sounds like it could have been made in the Floyd days.
  4. Hehe, I like the backup singers in "Not Now John".."F*ck it allllllllll" :D

    After listening, I think it's a pretty solid album, but some of the songs sound the same after awhile. I also miss the input of David Gilmour. But still, a good album, although not my favorite (Wish You Were Here, baby! :))
  5. Yeah! When I first heard that I was like 'Did they just say what I think they said??'.
    Theres a line like that on 'Amused To Death', theres a really slow moody song and then Waters pulls out the following lines:
    'Still the operetta lingers
    Until the Piano lid comes down and
    Breaks his F*cking fingers!!"

    :D Great stuff
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    Jun 7, 2001
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    I have actually heard that "The Final Cut" is one of the top three most depressing albums ever made. One of the others is supposedly "Berlin" by Lou Reed. The other one escapes me. The Wall was never my favoirite album and i've never heard the final cut.
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    I would have to say The Idiot by Iggy Pop.

    The Final Cut is pretty much a Roger Waters solo album. The songs are kind of weak (IMO) due the fact that the others had very little to no creative input. Not a surprise that Roger left the band after that.
  8. Yeah, you wouldnt exactly play either of them at a party. Both cool albums though.
    I think 'the Wall' is more depressing then 'The Final Cut'.
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    Aug 15, 2000
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    Love The Final Cut, I swear you can hear David Gilmore's anger in each of his solos.
  10. Yes, that album does have some great solos. I miss the trippy organs, though. :(